Street racing crackdown begins for Dearborn police

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — The Dearborn Police Department is working to reduce street racing in the city as complaints from residents about speeding drivers and loud noises pile in.

Some of the areas of concern include Telegraph Road, Warren Avenue and Ford Road along with some speeding in neighborhoods. Police made 100 arrests last year relating to street racing.

Drivers who participate in street racing in Dearborn and are stopped by police will receive a $500 ticket and then will need $1,000 if their vehicle is impounded.

Police Sgt. Kevin Thompson told WJBK Channel 2 that the drivers who are street racing are driving at least double the speed limit.

“The citizens hear the loud roars of the engines and call us on a regular basis,” Thompson said. “Often times it’s just two random vehicles next to each other at the red lights that are revving their engines and taking off at a high rate of speed.”

The department is using the initiatives Operation Blue Light and Operation Safe Drive in addition to extra patrol in street racing problem areas.

“When people endanger the safety of the citizens we take it as a top priority,” Thompson told WJBK.

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