Police Blotter for March 10



Driver falls asleep, hits cars at Allen Park Motor Lodge

A driver who fell asleep behind the wheel at 12:48 a.m. Feb. 28, while driving south on Southfield Road, jumped the curb and hit a parked car, which then damaged another parked car in the lot at the Allen Park Motor Lodge. The driver, awake and panicking, left the site of the crash in a silver Dodge Journey sport utility vehicle, which sustained significant front-end damage.

Police officers found the driver nearby, standing next to his SUV at Cleophus Avenue and Rosedale Boulevard. The man provided his driver’s license, but did not have proof of insurance in his possession. He did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. He was cited for driving without due care or caution, failing to stop and identify property damage in an accident, and no proof of insurance. He was released to a friend who went to the scene.

Police officers met with the boyfriend of the owner of the car initially struck, but were unable to make contact with the owner of the second damaged vehicle, and left police contact information attached to it.

Drunken woman at store with 3 young children prompts intervention

A 24-year-old Melvindale woman, who was at Petco, 23155 Outer Drive, the night of March 3, while visibly drunk, with three young children with her, was reported to police officers, who intervened before she attempted to drive home.

The woman, who was in a white GMC Blazer with her children, was approached by police officers. She smelled of intoxicants, was slurring her words and had a glassy stare. When asked for identification, she said she had left her wallet and cell phone at home. When asked if she knew the phone number of someone who could pick up her and her children, she said she did not know any phone numbers. She provided her address, which was associated with two phone numbers, but neither call was answered.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the woman had a blood alcohol content of 0.178, more than twice the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan.

An officer drove her vehicle, with her and the children, to her residence, with the other officer following in a squad car. When they arrived at the apartment, her boyfriend, who answered the door, said he had been drinking earlier, but was sober enough to care for the children.

The police officers followed up with a report to Child Protective Services that night, who provided them with a case number.


Police respond to possible fraudulent charge at gas station

A man called police Feb. 14 to report that his credit card was used in a different city without his knowledge.

According to the report, the man said that about 7 p.m. Feb. 13 he used his credit card at a gas pump at Mobil, 3300 Greenfield Road. The following day, he was advised that the same card was used in Burton.

The man confirmed to police that the transaction was fraudulent and he did not use the credit card anywhere else. He also said he did not know if there was a card skimmer at the gas station.

He informed police he already was issued a new credit card by Bank of America.

Employee reports suspicious person to police

Police responded to a law office at 23756 Michigan Ave. on Feb. 19 after the office manager reported a suspicious man entered the office earlier in the week.

The manager said she believed the man may be homeless; she described him as black with a short, heavy build, and wearing tattered clothing.

According to the report, the manager said that earlier in the week she opened the office for the day and while she was alone the man entered asking to speak to a manger. When she told the man no one was available to meet with him, he continued making demands and asking questions.

Shortly after, the man took one or more business cards for the lawyers who worked at the office before leaving. The office manger told police she became uncomfortable with the man’s questions and presence.

Following the man’s visit to the office, one of the lawyers received strange text messages from a person with the caller ID “mate winner” who is believed to be the suspicious man.

Police advised the office manager, employees and the lawyers to review security measures for the office, and personal security options. Everyone in the office was advised to contact police if the man returns; they man order him to leave and police can advise or enforce the city’s trespass ordinance.


Front window of house shattered by rock

Police responded to a house in the 3900 block of Gertrude Feb. 15 for a broken front window.

The resident told officers that about midnight, he heard a loud noise coming from his living room when he noticed the broken window. Police found a large rock about 10 feet from the window.

According to the report, the resident did not know who was responsible for the damage and also hadn’t seen any out of the ordinary activity in the neighborhood.

A search of the area was conducted by police with no evidence or security cameras. Police advised the resident to call officers with further information.

Break-in attempt reported at Dimitri’s Party Shop

An employee of Dimitri’s Party Shop, 27338 W. Warren, called police to the store after he noticed damage to the rear door on the morning of Feb. 23.

He informed officers the door was not damaged as of midnight the night before. According to surveillance video, two people were seen just after 2 a.m. trying to break into the store through the rear door.

When the pair failed to gain entry they fled on foot. Both were wearing white gloves, hooded sweatshirts and camouflage pants. Police provided the employee with a report number regarding the break-in attempt.


Fraudulent tax return filed in woman’s name

A 46-year-old Lincoln Park woman reported an identity theft fraud March 2, stating that an income tax return was filed in her name, for $19,015, in 2017, for employment with Minute Men of Michigan, a staffing agency. She said she had never worked for the company. She was given a report number and advised to follow up with the IRS.

Car stolen from front of house in broad daylight

A 2012 black Chrysler 200 was stolen the afternoon of March 3 from in front of the victim’s residence in the 2100 block of Charter Avenue. The victim, a 56-year-old man, said he parked the car in the road in front of the house at noon. He said he left the residence on foot, and when he returned at 6 p.m., the car was gone. He said the vehicle is paid off, and he has the only set of keys.

He said the security cameras at the residence belong to his landlord, and he would ask him how to retrieve the surveillance footage. He was given a case number, and the vehicle was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.


Multiple vehicles broken into at vehicle repair facility

The owner of Melvindale Motor and Transmission, 17672 Dix, reported the morning of March 2 that multiple vehicles in his secured parking lot had been broken into and gone through by an unidentified person detected on surveillance video. The vehicles stored at his shop were up for auction, and he did not know if any items were left in the vehicles by previous owners which might have been stolen.

The owner said he saw footprints in the snow, and four vehicles were left with the doors open: a black 2006 Land Rover LR3; a white 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee; a white 2004 Dodge Sprinter; and a black 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Shortly after 2 a.m. a white man, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a black baseball cap is seen entering the lot and going through vehicles. He left running north through the alley adjacent to the business. The business owner said documenting the intrusion was the main reason he reported the incident.

Man defrauded by unknown person, and by supposed friend

A man living in the 3600 block of Elizabeth Avenue reported the night of March 1 that an unknown person has been taking money out of his bank account for years. He said when he sought help from a friend on social media, and provided the person with his debit card and identification card, the confidante said he removed funds from the account to hire detectives, which the man said he did not give him permission to do. At this point the man realized he was being taken advantage of a second time, and he chose to report the incident.


Apple iPhone stolen from unlocked car

An Apple iPhone 5S, valued at $150, was reported stolen overnight on Feb. 26, from an unlocked car on Brookview. The phone charger was left lying on the ground next to the vehicle. The victim reported that a long, blonde hair was left behind in the vehicle where the phone had been stored, which did not match the hair color of anyone who typically rides in the vehicle. The victim said she would see whether Apple was able to track the phone to a location.

Man catches thief rifling through vehicle

A resident of Hamann Street said that while he was in his backyard smoking, he spotted his Ford F150 brake lights turn on when the vehicle was parked in his driveway. The residence said he approached the truck and discovered a man going through the interior. He resident said he grabbed the man and demanded to know his name and what he was doing. He said when he let go of the man to retrieve his cell phone, the man ran away, and left in a dark-colored minivan.

The resident said the intruder was a white male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a thin build, brown hair and a goatee, wearing a New York Yankees cap. The resident said nothing was taken from his truck, but his wife said the center console of her Ford Edge, which had contained miscellaneous unknown items, was now empty. Both residents said the vehicles had been unlocked.


Snap, crackle, pop: Downed power line damages truck

A wind storm Feb. 24 that brought down power lines in the 12000 block of Kerr snapped some live lines, which landed on a 2018 Chevy Silverado. The truck owner said the copper from the current-carrying lines melted on his truck, damaging the windshield, rear passenger window and bedliner. A DTE crew was at the location to secure the hazardous power lines while the police officers were on the scene.

Telephone con artist targets woman

A con artist posing as a Drug Enforcement Agency official targeted a local woman, claiming her Social Security number had been stolen, and that it had been used in the commission of multiple crimes. He asked for her Social Security number, which she provided, but shortly afterward regretted providing the number.

The woman said she contacted her bank and put a fraud alert on her account, then filed a police report. She said she would continue to monitor her financial activities.


Snowmobiles stolen

A business owner in the 20200 block of Lorne filed a larceny report March 5 after an 8-foot-by-14-foot enclosed trailer was stolen between Feb. 28 and March 5 from the business’ rear parking lot. The black Cargo Mate trailer had “Full-Service Company” written on the side. A lock had been cut off the trailer and left on the ground.

The man said two snowmobiles were in the trailer, 2005 or 2006 model years, one a Skidoo, the other an Arctic Cat.

There were no witnesses or suspects. The trailer was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.

Vehicle larcenies in church parking lot

Two churchgoers were victims of vehicle larceny the night of March 6 at Northline Baptist Church, where they were attending services.

The front driver’s side window on a blue 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan was shattered, with pry marks on the door. A purse was missing from the front passenger seat, which held a driver’s license, $90 in cash, two bank cards, insurance cards and other miscellaneous items.

The rear tonneau cover on a red 2018 Ford F150 was cut open 6 inches, but the vehicle owner said nothing appears to be missing from the truck.


Fraudulent cable account opened

A fraudulent cable account was created in a resident’s name by an identity thief with Cox Cable in New Orleans, a woman reported Feb. 26, and a collection company was trying to collect a $633 past due amount from her. She said she had no idea how her personal information was compromised.

She was given an identity theft packet, an incident number and was advised to monitor her bank accounts and credit reports.

Trash bin burning

A trash bin fire the morning of Feb. 26 in the backyard of a residence on Longmeadow created heavy smoke as the bin burned almost to the ground, leaving a pool of melted plastic behind. Another bin was partially melted.

The resident, who was inside her house and unaware of the fire, said her son had moved the bins into the backyard the day before. She said she had no idea what might have caused the fire, and had not seen anything unusual. The police officers did not see any indication of downed wires. She was advised to contact the Department of Public Works for a replacement trash bin.


A wrong move at Checkers

An employee at Checkers Fast Food Restaurant, 2291 Fort St., was manipulated by a con artist Feb. 13 into believing the restaurant owed money to the IRS, which needed to be sent in the form of Green Dot Cards.

The employee said the con was very aggressive, and he talked to her for several hours. He convinced the employee to purchase $500 and $400 gift cards, then relay the account numbers to him. When the employee subsequently spoke to the Checkers general manager, she learned she had been the victim of a con.

The Green Dot card account numbers had not yet been redeemed, so Green Dot canceled the cards, and arranged to refund the restaurant’s money.

Cigarette thief hits 7-Eleven

A thief made off with eight packs of Newport cigarettes from 7-Eleven, 2822 Biddle, the morning of Feb. 9, but he may have left behind his fingerprints on a cup from which he was drinking tea, which police officers bagged as evidence.

The store employee said the man, whom he described as black, 25 to 35 years old, and about 6 feet tall, was wearing a dark brown coat with a beige collar and lapel, blue jeans, light brown work boots and a royal blue baseball cap with a brown brim.

He said the man poured himself a small tea, inquired about cigarettes, and asked for the cigarettes. He then asked about prepared sandwiches, and walked over to the cooler where they were stored. He then returned to the counter, grabbed the bag of cigarettes, and fled from the store without paying for them. He then reportedly headed north on Biddle. Officers canvassed the area, but were unable to locate him.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)