Police Blotter 2-17-2019

police-blotterAllen Park

Door-to-door con

Two men going door-to-door the afternoon of Feb. 5, trying to sell child safety kits of the type generally given away for free, and asking for Social Security numbers, were reported to police officers by a man living in the 6800 block of Cortland Avenue. When the resident asked the men to leave, they reportedly became belligerent until the resident threatened to call the police, at which time the men hurriedly left.

The resident described the first man as black, about 30 years old, 6 feet tall, with an average build, and the second man as Hispanic, in his early 30s, and slightly heavier than the first man.

Shoplifter struggles, tries to elude officers

Felonious assault against a police officer and eluding arrest were added to a shoplifting charge the night of Feb. 8 at Target, 3100 Fairlane Drive, when a man tried to steal about $700 worth of electronics equipment.

Store loss prevention personnel said a man in a green hoodie, wearing a hat and glasses, concealed two thermostats, valued at $249 each, and a security camera, valued at $200, in a gray tote bag. Police officers were called to the scene while the shoplifting was occurring.

The first police officer on scene saw the suspect exit the store and attempted to apprehend him. As the officer struggled on the ground with the man, who was not complying with the arresting officer’s commands, two more officers arrived on site and were needed to restrain the suspect, who was taken to the Allen Park police station, where he was booked and held.


Marijuana found behind Nissan dealership

Police were called to All Pro Nissan of Dearborn, 24501 Michigan Ave., after an employee reported a large amount of marijuana was found behind the auto dealership on Jan. 4.

The employee took officers to the service area where a garage bag with a large, wrapped bundle in it was found near tall grass.

According to the report, the bag had a small slit in the top of the wrapping with marijuana visible. Police cut open the bundle and discovered the entire package was rabbit nesting paper.
It was suspected that the item was sold to an unknown individual with the appearance of a large amount of marijuana and was discarded when the purchaser realized what it was, according to the police report.

Officers advised the employee that he could dispose of the package, with the small amount of marijuana that was in the wrapping.

Backpack left behind at 7-Eleven

While conducting a park-and-walk at 7-Eleven, 2600 S. Telegraph Road, police were advised by an employee that a customer left a backpack at the store on Jan. 5.
The employee said the customer left the backpack during the afternoon and said he would be back shortly, but never returned to pick it up.

According to the report, the backpack was taken back to the station and placed in safekeeping. The backpack was described as a black and blue Jansport backpack containing a cell phone, Bible, bank paperwork and toiletries.

Dearborn Heights

Customers skip out on bill at IHOP

Police responded to IHOP, 24140 Ford Road, on a report of two men leaving the restaurant without paying their bills on Jan. 27.

According to the report, the two men skipped out on their $9 and $17.27 bills totaling $26.27.
The manager informed police that the two men were in their 20s and 30s and she provided them with a vehicle description. As the officers were arriving at the restaurant, they observed a vehicle matching the description but the driver did not respond to questions.

Police were able to determine that the driver from the traffic stop with the matching vehicle was not either one of the suspects after receiving further description details from dispatch.

The two men were not located leading to the closing of the case because of insufficient leads, but could be reopened if more information is provided.

Lincoln Park

Woman pays cash for fake auto insurance

A 55-year-old woman discovered Feb. 8 that her vehicle was not insured through AAA after paying cash to an alleged insurance agent recommended to her by a bartender, who gave her the man’s phone number. The man, who met with her at her residence, specified her payment must be made in cash; however, after she left, she noticed her address was incorrect on the paperwork, in addition to other discrepancies. After calling a AAA help line, the women learned that the man was not one of their insurance agents, and was told AAA’s fraud unit would investigate the situation. The woman described the man as black, in his early 20s, and about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Purse stolen from dentist office lobby

A 25-year-old woman discovered her purse was stolen the afternoon of Feb. 5 after she left it in the lobby of a dentist office in the 3700 block of Dix while she went to another room to fill out some paperwork. The purse was a black Channel bag valued at $300, a black wallet, three debit cards, a driver’s license, a medical identification card, three Social Security cards – hers and her two minor children’s – and an unspecified amount of cash.

The staff reportedly called the two people who were in the dentist office lobby at the time, and both denied taking the purse. There was no surveillance video. The woman was given identity and fraud protection information.


Four-footed intruder captured, released

While an elderly woman waited fearfully at a neighbor’s residence Feb. 6, an intrepid police officer apprehended a four-footed intruder, a medium-sized mammal commonly referred to as squirrel. The method of capture was unspecified, but the officer did not request backup, and released the rodent following capture.

Woman driving stolen vehicle claims it is her boyfriend’s car

A 39-year-old Dearborn Heights woman was arrested and held during the early morning hours of Feb. 8 when the license plate of the 2014 silver Dodge Charger she was driving west on Outer Drive flagged the vehicle as stolen in the Law Enforcement Information Network. The woman said the vehicle was provided to her by her boyfriend, and refused to respond to police officer questions until she had a lawyer present. She was taken to the Dearborn police station and held.


Suspected break-in is spreading smoke

A woman who returned home Feb. 4 to find her Greentrees apartment broken into learned it was the work of firefighters. Police said the woman inadvertently left a pot on her electric stove during a power outage, and it began to smoke when power was restored while she was away, initiating a fire department response. The woman, who said she was not notified of the fire run, said she arrived home to find her bedroom window was open and a screen damaged. She said she had cooked chicken in a greasy pan early that day.


Debit card fraudulently used for online purchases

A woman reported fraudulent charges reported to her debit card account Feb. 11 when her bank notified her of four suspicious online purchases from different sites. On Feb. 9 a $65 charge was made to Hear and Play, a $125 charge to K-Sounds, and $0.18 to Xsolla. On Feb. 10 an attempt was made to complete a $3,258.15 purchase from Louis Vuitton.

The woman said no one had permission to use her debit card, and she is the only person with access to it. She told police officers that she had cancelled the card and will press charges if a suspect is identified.

Hockey fight off ice between parents

Police officers were dispatched to the city ice arena, 14700 Reaume Parkway, the night of Feb. 9 on the report of an off-ice fight between parents during a Southgate Anderson High School hockey game, possibly between parents of opposing teams. Police officers stood by at the end of the game, and no further altercations occurred.


Dodge disappears

A woman living in the 23000 block of Wick Road reported the afternoon of Feb. 8 that her 2012 white Dodge Journey sport utility vehicle was stolen from the front of her home. She said she parked the vehicle at 11 a.m., and at 1 p.m. her son noticed it was missing. She said she had the only set of keys, she does not owe money on the vehicle and no one else has permission to use it. She checked with her soon-to-be ex-husband, who said he did not have the vehicle. It was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.

Power outage report reveals rogue account

A man living in the 10000 block of Island Lake Road discovered when he contacted DTE about a power outage Feb. 3 that a second account had been opened in his name for a property in the 1100 block of West McNichols in Detroit, with a $561 account balance. DTE requested he file a police report to initiate an investigation, which on he did Feb. 8.


Cell phone line stolen, carrier switched, data breach attempted

A man filed an identity theft police report Feb. 11 when his T-Mobile cell phone stopped functioning, and he learned that his cell phone number had been switched to a Metro PCS account using his personal identity information.

The man also reported receiving an email alert from Yahoo that someone in Florida tried to log into his business accounts by sending a new PIN to the stolen cell phone number. He said he was concerned that the person could potentially access all of his business and credit card accounts with the stolen phone number. He was given a police report number to provide to T-Mobile, and advised to report all future fraudulent transactions occurring on his accounts.


Police officer resets fuse, restores heat for senior

Police officers responded to the residence of an 86-year-old man the night of Jan. 25 in the 1700 block of 4th Street when the man said he was having trouble with his fuse box and did not have heat during the below-freezing weather. An officer was able to reset the fuse, which allowed the furnace to restart and the lights to turn back on. At the man’s request, he was given a non-emergency number for dispatch, but advised that if he lost the number, he should call 911 if he had any further problems.

Woman with suspended driver’s license uses Department of Corrections bracelet as ID

A 32-year-old Southgate woman who admitted to driving with a suspended license due to an inability to fulfill the financial responsibility requirements used a Department of Corrections bracelet with her name, date of birth and photo as an alternative identification. She had a vehicle registration and proof of insurance, and had no prior convictions for driving on a suspended license in the past seven years.

The woman was originally seen driving north on Fort Street in a vehicle with a North Carolina license plate, drifting over the left lane line several times, then rapidly switching four lanes to the right, after which a traffic stop was initiated.

Her vehicle was searched, impounded and towed, she was cited for driving while her license was suspended, and was given a courtesy ride to her residence in Southgate.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)