Dearborn offers federal employees waivers of payment penalties for a limited time

DEARBORN – The city is trying to help federal employees who live in Dearborn and who might still be recovering from missing their paychecks during the recent 35-day government shutdown.

Qualified federal workers may be entitled to some relief from the penalties and interest associated with missed tax payments or water bill payments in the city. They need to apply for the relief and take action by Feb. 28.
Upon approval from the City Council on Jan. 29, the following relief can be requested:

• Qualified federal employees can ask for a waiver of the penalties and interest for unpaid summer tax payments that were due on Jan. 14, if the taxes are paid by Feb. 28.
• They also can ask for a waiver of the penalties and interest for the winter tax payment due on Feb. 14, if the taxes are paid by Feb. 28.
• In addition, qualified federal workers can ask for a waiver of penalties for late payments of water bills during specific timeframes. The penalties can be waived for water bills due during the billing cycle of Dec. 20 to 31 and the billing cycle of Jan. 1 to 31. Again, payments must be received by Feb. 28 to receive consideration.
Residents who are federal employees must complete an application form and provide:
• Proof of owner of record of the property.
• Proof that the 2018 Principal Residence Exemption is 100 percent.
• A copy of their driver’s license.
• A copy of their federal identification badge.
• A copy of their last pay voucher from the federal government that they received in December.

The application can be found at

Federal workers who believe they qualify for the waiver of penalties should contact Deputy City Treasurer Kathy Lindroth at 313-943-2934 before Feb. 28.