Police Blotter 1-20-2019

police-blotterAllen Park

High house guest assaults hosts

A man who might have been high on crack cocaine the morning of Jan. 2 attacked his friend’s grandmother, who was sleeping on a living room couch at a house in the 14800 block of Morris Avenue, then attacked his friend’s mother, who rushed into the room when she heard the older woman screaming. Both women were punched in the face, and had injuries consistent with the alleged assault. The young man reporting the assault said he had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana the night before with the house guest, and was asleep when he was awakened by the screams.

The alleged assailant was found exiting a Mercury Mountaineer parked in the driveway, were he was supposedly trying to sleep. His shirt was covered with blood. The women refused to press charges. The man was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

Hit-and-run suspect flees on freeway

The victim of a hit-and-run crash the morning of Jan. 1 gave police the license plate number of the car that rear-ended her vehicle on the Southfield Freeway ramp to westbound I-94. The victim was not able to provide a description of the driver. When police ran the plate, they found it was expired and registered to an SUV which would not be likely to be mistaken for a 4-door car.


Man arrested for driving with suspended license

While on patrol Nov. 22 police observed a vehicle traveling east Michigan Avenue near Middlesex with an expired license plate.

A check of the plate revealed that it was canceled by the Secretary of State due to fraudulent application of insurance. Officers conducted a traffic stop for the license plate when the driver identified himself with his Michigan identification card. According to the report, check of the driver’s license revealed it was currently suspended.

The vehicle was searched and impounded. Police issued a citation for driving with a suspended license and no insurance before releasing the driver at the scene.

He was advised to contact the 19th District Court.

Dearborn Heights

Several items stolen during home invasion

An unknown man entered a house on Fairview Street in the Garling subdivision Jan. 10 and left with high end jewelry and musical instruments.

According to police, the theft took place between 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. when a passerby saw the man enter the house through a window. The man already was gone at the time of officers arrived.

He was driving an older model red or maroon Ford Taurus that had distinctive red duct tape on rear bumper and heavy front-end damage. The man was wearing a black hoodie and black pants.
Anyone with information on the home invasion can call Sgt. Joseph Reyna at 313-277-7709.

Lincoln Park

Senior having trouble pumping gas leaves without paying

An elderly man driving a gray Nissan Pathfinder with an Ohio plate left Citgo, 1727 Southfield Road, without paying Dec. 26. The clerk on duty said the man entered the station and said he was not sure how to turn on the gas pump. The clerk, who said the man was elderly and spoke with an accent, turned on the pump for him. The man put $28 worth of gas into his tank, then left without offering payment.

Jewelry, computer, collectible stolen from home

A woman living in the 1900 block of Hamilton arrived home from a shopping trip the evening of Dec. 28 to find the front door of her house unlocked and the premises ransacked. Entrance was made through an unlocked kitchen window, for which the screen was popped out.

Stolen were a diamond necklace valued at $2,000, a Google Chrome book valued at $264, and a collectible Titanic Christmas ornament with an estimated $1,000 value. A nearby witness said he saw an unknown person with short, curly blonde hair in the house after the woman left to go shopping.


Money, meds taken from locked vehicle

A man living in the 18000 block of Harman reported the afternoon of Jan. 14 that his locked vehicle, a 2017 Chevy Trax, which was parked in front of his residence, was ransacked overnight, and $20 cash and Sudafed were taken from the vehicle. He said jewelry and knives in the vehicle were not taken. There were no signs of forced entry.

Cigars and candy stolen from market

A thief with a penchant for sweets and tobacco stole candy and cigars from Gleno’s Market, 2955 Oakwood Blvd., the evening of Jan. 13 while two companions distracted the store clerk. The clerk, who said the three men live nearby in the 17700 block of Eddon, said the suspected thief is a black man in his 20s who was wearing a bright blue winter coat. He said his two companions are black males in their 40s or 50s. The store clerk said he has surveillance video of the theft, and wishes to press charges.


Tires slashed on Challenger

A man living in the 14000 block of Pennsylvania reported the morning of Jan. 8 that three of the tires on his 2018 black Dodge Challenger were slashed overnight. The three Firehawk GT 245/45/R20 tires were valued at $651, and had holes consistent with a sharp cutting tool. There was no surveillance video and no suspects.

Women with long-expired license falsifies paper license plate

A Lincoln Park woman whose driver’s license expired in 2009 was pulled over in the early morning hours of Jan. 8 near Pennsylvania and Fort when her white Chrysler Town and Country was observed with an unreadable paper license plate in the rear window. The woman said she had no license, registration or proof of insurance.

The temporary plate had expired in 2017, and had been changed to reflect a 2019 date. A plate associated with the vehicle was noted in the Law Enforcement Information Database to have expired in December 2018. In addition, the woman had multiple warrants out of Dearborn and Ogemaw County. She was arrested and her vehicle impounded.


Vehicle rear window shattered while being driven

The rear window of a 2016 Ford Edge was shattered the night of Dec. 21 from an unknown cause in the area of McCann and Susan. The occupants were driving south on McCann, approaching Susan, when the window glass was shattered. The occupants said there was no vehicle behind them at the time, nor did they see any pedestrians in the area. There were no objects in the car that could have damaged the window. The occupants said the window was not previously damaged. There were no suspects.

Tail light smashed on Equinox

A woman living in the 12000 block of Helen reported on Dec. 24 that the driver’s side rear tail light of her 2012 white Chevy Equinox LT was shattered while it was parked in front of her house. Half of a black Powerade cap was left inside the smashed tail light, and the other half of the cap was on the ground next to the vehicle. There was a red liquid splattered across the rear and driver’s side door of the vehicle. The woman said her vehicle had been egged a week earlier. There were no suspects.


Residential window shattered

A woman living in the 15100 block of Pond Village Drive reported the night of Jan. 11 that the front west window of her residence was broken sometime between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. that day when she was not home. There was glass on the inside of the residence. There were no suspects.

Tailgate stolen from truck in work parking lot

A man reported the afternoon of Jan. 11 that the tailgate was stolen from his 2011 GMC Sierra at the parking lot of his work location in the 9700 block of Inkster Road, between 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. There were no suspects, and he did not know if his employer had any video surveillance of the parking lot.


Mustang tire slashed in driveway

A man living on Detroit street reported the morning of Jan. 16 that the rear passenger side tire on his black Ford Mustang was slashed, likely the night before, when he though he heard someone attempting to open the car door between 9 and 10 p.m. There was no other damage to the vehicle. There was no surveillance video, and no suspects.


Drunken man found inside drain pipe

A drunken man had removed a manhole cover and was inside the pipe in the early morning hours of Jan. 5 in the 1100 block of Eureka. The man had difficulty climbing out of the pipe. He smelled strongly of intoxicants, was unsteady on his feet and was stumbling.

There were multiple beer cans inside the pipe where the man had been. He initially refused to identify himself, and was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. He was taken into custody, and refused to take a preliminary breath test. He was cited and held while he sobered up.

Cadillac abandoned at gas pump

The owner of Citgo, 1166 Eureka, reported the afternoon of Jan. 6 that a 2006 black Cadillac SRX was abandoned at a gas pump for more than an hour. The vehicle was registered to a 24-year-old Trenton man. He was called, but his registered phone number had been disconnected. The vehicle was impounded and towed.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)