Taylor pavilion rentals begin Jan. 2

TAYLOR — The Parks and Recreation Department will begin accepting pavilion rentals for 2019 beginning Jan. 2.

All pavilion reservations must be made in person at the Taylor Recreation Center with identification.

New in 2019:
• January is reserved for rental permits by Taylor residents only.
• Half-day rentals are available.

The exclusive rental period is for Taylor residents, businesses and Taylor-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations is January 2-31, 2019. Residents or representatives must bring valid identification showing status as a Taylor resident or entity.

On Feb. 1, rentals will be opened up to all others.

Pavilion capacities and rates vary by location. Certain dates, such as the weekend of Taylor Summer Festival (June 28 to 30) and other city-sponsored events, are not available for rental. A refundable security deposit is mandatory for all rentals. Security deposits must be either a check or blank money order.

Pavilions available for rent are:

• Heritage Park Sheridan Center Open Air Pavilion.
• Heritage Park Pavilion A.
• Heritage Park Pavilion B.
• Papp Park Pavilion.
• Jaycee Park Pavilion.
• Northwest Park Pavilion.
• Boardman Park Pavilion.
• Phoenix Park Pavilion.

For more information, call the Taylor Recreation Center at 734-374-8900, Option 2.