Heights councilman punched in the face by neighbor

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — A Dearborn Heights man was arrested for assault and battery after he punched Councilman Ray Muscat in the face on Dec. 8.

Muscat’s neighbor, who has not been identified, spent two days in jail before being released on Dec. 10. An investigation is currently being conducted by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

Muscat said he has had several encounters with the neighbor dating back to the summer which caused him to install a security surveillance system.

In the past the neighbor allegedly trashed and vandalized Muscat’s yard, in one instance spraying weed killer to produce slang words in the grass, causing Muscat to replace some of the lawn, he told WXYZ Channel 7.

Muscat said went to the neighbor’s house Dec. 8 to ask speak with him, and left with a bloody face.

“He opened the door, I had my hand on the storm door, I put my foot inside and the haymakers started,” Muscat told Channel 7. “I said to ‘come outside, I want to talk to you.’ I’m afraid for my wife to let the dog out on the side of the house now.”

As the encounter was taking place, Muscat’s wife, Lisa, was recording video on her cellphone when the neighbor yelled obscenities and explitives at her. Lisa Muscat also can be heard saying, “What did he do to you? Oh, my God, Ray!” after seeing her husband’s bloody face.
Muscat also told Channel 7 that he does not necessarily want the man to go to jail, but instead have the prosecutor do something to help him.

“I don’t know what the law says, but people like him need help,” he said.
Police told Channel 7 this was not the first encounter with the man, and other neighbors also have installed security surveillance systems.

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