Police Blotter 11-25-2018

police-blotterAllen Park

Waking to a breaking and entering

A woman who was asleep in the upstairs of a house in the 14000 block of O’Connor Avenue Nov. 15 said she was awoken at 6:41 a.m. by loud pounding on the side door of her house, followed by the footsteps of an unknown person in her kitchen.

She called her boyfriend, who was at work. He immediately left work to return home. The woman stayed on the phone with him for 5 to 10 minutes while listening to the intruder moving about the kitchen area on the first floor. When she started down the stairs, the intruder heard her, and ran out of the house. She then went downstairs, and found the side door open.

The residents said that nothing appeared to be missing or rummaged through, and the only damage was to the door and the latch catch. The man said he locked the door when he left for work earlier. There were no suspects.

Man ODs in fast food restaurant

When a man collapsed due to a likely drug overdose inside Taco Bell, 3333 Fairlane Drive the afternoon of Nov. 16, the police officers first on the scene administered a dose of Narcan nasally, and began sternum rubs to try to revive the man.

The companion of the man who overdosed said they had used heroin about an hour before. He said when his companion showed signs of overdosing, he flushed the remaining heroin down the restroom toilet. The man who collapsed was taken to an area medical facility for treatment.


Woman loses $30,000 to person posing as Tom Cruise

A woman went to the Dearborn Police Department, 16099 Michigan Ave. Nov. 9 to report that she was swindled of $29,400 by a person on Facebook posting as actor Tom Cruise.

The woman told officers that she friended the person on Facebook six months ago when the person informed her a checking account in her name was opened for her at Wells Fargo Bank.

Next, the suspect said he had put $30,0000 in the bank account and then asked the woman to write and deposit three checks worth $9,800 each. The woman wrote and deposited the checks into her checking account at TFC Bank from the Wells Fargo Bank account. Shortly after the bank told her the checks were fraudulent and that a police report would be required to return her checking account to a good status.

According to the police report, the woman understood she was tricked by the Facebook user and that she had believed she was in a legitimate relationship with Cruise.

Dearborn Heights

Four tires stolen off Ford Explorer

A resident reported four tires stolen off his 2018 Ford Explorer on Nov. 19 about 4 a.m. after the thieves were caught on security camera nearby.

The vehicle was parked on the driveway of a house in the area of Tireman and Hazelton when all four tires and rims were removed. The wheel locks were on the vehicle at the time of the theft.

Police are searching for the thieves, who have not been identified.

Radio, sunglasses reported missing from vehicle

Police responded to a house in the 4800 block of Williams Nov. 11 after a resident said his Ray-Ban sunglasses, portable radio and work book were stolen.

According to the report, the Ford Expedition was parked at the house on Nov. 9 with the doors locked, and when the resident returned home on Nov. 11 he discovered the items missing.

Police did not observe signs of forced entry and there was no suspect information.

Lincoln Park

Trick after treating

A 42-year-old man living in the 1600 block of Stewart Avenue reported that after taking his son trick-or-treating from 7 to 10 p.m. Oct. 31, they returned home to discover that a landscaping brick had been thrown through a 3-foot-by-4-foot window on the southwest corner of his home. The window has an estimated $300 replacement cost. There was no surveillance video and no suspects.

Bank account breached

A 44-year-old man reported Oct. 31 that unauthorized withdrawals had been made from his Chase Bank checking and savings accounts. He said the withdrawals began Oct. 21 and continued until Oct. 29, when he canceled the accounts. He does not known how his account information could have been breached. He was issued a report number for his bank to proceed with its investigation.


Wallet stolen from car with malfunctioning door locks

A 22-year-old woman living in the 4300 block of Dearborn Street reported the morning of Nov. 12 that her wallet was stolen overnight from underneath the front seat of her 2011 Dodge Avenger. Missing along with her wallet was her Michigan Bridge Card, a bank debit card and a yellow metal ring with a heart-cut diamond, with an estimated $150 value. A police officer looked at her door locks, and found them to be malfunctioning. There was no other damage done to her car. There were no surveillance cameras in the area, and no suspects.

Gift card numbers stolen, used

A 48-year-old man living in the 2300 block of Bloomfield reported the afternoon of Nov. 9 that two Lowe’s gift cards, with a total value of $500, were fraudulently used on three occasions, Sept. 26, Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, at the Woodhaven store, for the entire balance. He said Lowe’s personnel told him to file a police report to subpoena video of the card redeemer. The man said the cards were in his house prior to use, and that his employees come into his house to pick up their paychecks. There were no other suspects.


Traffic stop lands passenger with warrant in custody

A traffic stop the night of Nov. 8 for a defective driver’s side tail light resulted in the passenger being taken into custody by another jurisdiction and the driver let off with a warning.

When the patrol officer ran both vehicle occupants’ identification through the Law Enforcement Information Network, the passenger was found to have a warrant out of River Rouge, whose police department personnel indicated that they would come and take the man into custody. He was handcuffed and retained for transfer. The driver was released from the scene.

Cash stolen out of locked apartment

A woman living in the 17000 block of Rivergreen reported on Nov. 10 that four $100 bills were stolen from an envelope in her locked apartment while she was out of town. She said she received a motion detector alarm from her security system on Nov. 7, and later discovered that the footage from 3:35 to 3:36 p.m. had been deleted. She shared her suspect suspicion with the police officer taking the report.


Clothing stolen from vehicle parked overnight at banquet hall

A man reported the morning of Nov. 11 that clothing was stolen from his 2016 black Dodge Ram when it was parked from 5 p.m. Oct. 26 to 5 p.m. Oct. 27 at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, 16703 Fort St. He said he noticed on Oct. 30 that the items, a Trenton Fire Department sweatshirt with insignia and his last name on the shirt, valued at $60, and a black Under Armor rain coat, valued at $60, were missing from the back seat of his vehicle. There was no damage to the vehicle.

Credit card stolen from purse left in shopping cart

A 22-year-old woman who left her purse in a shopping cart the evening of Nov. 4 at Walmart, 14900 Dix Toledo Road, said that when she returned to the store, she found her purse in the shopping cart, but a credit card and her driver’s license were missing. The credit card was later used at a Sunoco gas station and a restaurant at undisclosed locations. The woman was advised to file a police report to have the transactions removed from her account.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

A woman reported the evening of Nov. 20 that her debit card information was fraudulently used after she responded to an email, allegedly from Amazon, which offered her a $500 Walmart gift card if she purchased a magazine subscription. On Nov. 19 she discovered unauthorized transactions on her debit card, including international transaction service fees. She was advised to file a police report.

Company trucks sabotaged

Equipment Group LLC, 23927 Ecorse Road, reported Nov. 19 two company vehicles, 2008 and 2009 Peterbilt trucks, were vandalized at 11:31 p.m. Nov. 19 while parked on company property. Surveillance video shows two people going underneath the trucks. On Nov. 20, after drivers discovered problems while driving the trucks, it was found that the transmission fluid, rear differential and oil plugs were removed from both vehicles. Police officers found footprints on the south side of the lot, where a hole was cut in the fence near Byers Street.


Comcast account fraudulently charged

A woman reported Nov. 13 that on Nov. 9, $190 was fraudulently charged to her Comcast account. The woman said the Comcast debt collection agency and an identity security firm both contacted her about the fraud. She was given a police report number to be reimbursed for the charges.

Drunken customer triggers late night liquor store alarm

An employee and family member of the owner of Trenton Express Liquor Store, 2471 W. Jefferson, contacted police officers the night of Nov. 11 when, after responding to a store alarm, she was harassed by a drunken man who was identified as a regular customer.

The employee said she discovered the store’s rear door handle was damaged. When she went to the front of the store, a regular customer, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, insisted on being allowed inside to purchase beer, even though she told him the store was closed. The man was seen on store surveillance video.

When police later questioned the man, who was still intoxicated, at his residence, he said he might have accidentally damaged the door handle. The store owner said he did not wish to press charges, but he asked police officers to tell the man to stay off his property when the store was closed.


Louis Vuitton bag, wallet stolen from unlocked car

A woman in the 200 block of Biddle reported the morning of Nov. 6 that a black Louis Vuitton bag and matching wallet, along with a gray and white Louis Vuitton tote with a brown strap, were stolen from her unlocked car overnight. The purse contained her passport, driver’s license and American Express credit card, which she canceled. The woman said the missing items had a $6,800 estimated value.

The woman said when she went to her car at 8 a.m. Nov. 6, the driver’s side door was ajar, and papers from her purse were scattered throughout the vehicle. She said she would have someone access her home surveillance video and forward it to the police department.

Pistol stolen from vehicle

A man living in the 2200 block of 8th Street reported the afternoon of Nov. 2 that a Ruger .380 pistol was stolen from his vehicle, which may have been unlocked. The man said he carries a gun because he works in Detroit, but his workplace will not allow him to bring a weapon into the building. There were no signs of forced entry damage to the vehicle. The man was given a report number, and advised to not leave a gun inside an unattended vehicle. The gun was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)