Elections and the day after

After 42 years of being politically involved and 3.5 years on city council, I have a few musings:

Muse 01
Elections are critical, for all levels of government. Its critical for the survival of our republic. The turnout may hit 50 percent and that is a shame. Every eligible voter who does not participate will need to take ownership.

Muse 02
The much larger issue, Wednesday morning, Nov. 7. What will you do? What area of your daily life will you accommodate to become involved? Taking direct responsibility for government participation, community events, helping volunteer groups, etc.

I ask you honestly and sincerely, what is going to be your personal level of commitment? I know what mine will be.

Muse 03
I am, for the first time in my adult life, concerned at the frenzied level of vitriol, the endless factional narrative of the media and the lack of thoughtful national dialogue as a whole.

I don’t claim to have a magic-bullet solution to these political emotions and the tribalism that has suffocated the better judgement of our intellects.

I do know this: All the expressions of anger, outrage, hatred and disgust will accomplish absolutely nothing of substance.

The only beginning to a solution I see, after being politically involved for four decades, is for people to jump in and work the problems. That takes big picture ideas, details, nuance and a solid grasp on realistic outcomes.
You must do the work, there is no substitute.

I’m leaving Lincoln Park government, but I have a laundry list of issues and goals that I’m holding myself personally accountable for.

I’ll see all of you on the morning of Nov. 7.

Chris Dardzinski
Lincoln Park City Councilman