Police Blotter 10-7-2018

Allen Park

Bronx man arrested for fraud at local electronics store

A 25-year-old Bronx man was arrested and taken into custody after he tried to use false identification to open a store credit card account at Best Buy, 3349 Fairlane Drive, to purchase a cell phone and several televisions.
The store manager met police officers outside of the store after Citi-Bank told him the identification documents the man offered were fraudulent. He said the man also was reading information off his cell phone to answer questions pertaining to his identity.

When officers approached the man in the store and told him to put his hands behind his back, he resisted, and tried to reach into his right pants pocket, ignoring the officers’ directions. The officers had to overpower the man to handcuff him.

A check of his wallet showed his actual New York state identification, and he admitted to his true identity. He was taken into custody, booked, with a DNA swab taken, and his false identification was taken into evidence. He was charged with false impersonation, credit card fraud and resisting police.

Political differences lead to bloody lip

A 20-year-old Ypsilanti man entered the Allen Park Police Department lobby the morning of Sept. 28 to file an assault charge against a woman he said punched him in the mouth the night before at a private house party.
The man said that about 3 a.m. earlier that day, he was at a party in the 7600 block of Buckingham, in a house belonging to a friend’s parents. He said he was lying down on a living room couch when he heard a political argument ensue. Without getting up from the couch, he said he asked what was going on. He said a woman walked over to him, place her hands on his upper arms, and asked him if he supported Trump. When he replied in the affirmative, he said she punched him in the mouth. He said they exchanged words, and he left the party.

He showed the police officer his swollen lip, with dried blood on the inside side of his mouth, which the officer photographed. He was given a complaint number and was told he would be contacted by the detective bureau.


Man arrested for warrants

While on patrol Sept. 30, officers observed a vehicle traveling west on Ford Road near Appoline with a cracked windshield and unreadable paper license plate.
A traffic stop was conducted where the driver verbally identified himself and revealed his license was suspended, and that he had warrants our for his arrest. After a check of his record, police arrested the man for the violations and warrants.
He was placed under a $200 bond for driving with a suspended license and also cited for no proof of insurance and defective equipment.

The two Dearborn warrants were no proof of insurance with a $200 bond and local enforcement agency with a $500 bond.

Chuck E Cheese defrauded out of $189 by customer

Police responded to Chuck E Cheese, 24399 Michigan Ave., Sept. 30 after the manager reported a customer defrauded the business.

The manager said that the suspect reserved the party on Sept. 14 for Sept. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. and provided an unknown MasterCard for the $50 deposit. On Sept. 30, the party including approximately 20 people arrived and the man was asked five times throughout the evening to pay the $189.98. The man said he would pay the amount.

At 8:30 p.m., the manager said no one from the party could be located and the bill was still unpaid. The manager contacted the man via phone about the unpaid amount and he stated he would come back, but he did not. After calling the man again and leaving a voice mail, the manager filed a police report.

The manager told officers that the MasterCard could not be charged because it has to be physically swiped.
According to the report, the suspect was described as a black male, 5 feet 4 inches tall, thin build with short wavy hair. He was wearing a plaid button-up shirt and black jeans.

Dearborn Heights

Resident discovers trailer, lawnmower, ATV missing

Police were called to a house in the 4510 block of Westpoint Sept. 25 on a report of a stolen black Lowes trailer, red Honda lawnmower and yellow 2001 Honda ATV.

The resident informed officers that about 6 a.m. he observed that the ATV and trailer were missing. The lawnmower was also stolen. He said the trailer was hooked up to a hitch on his truck and the ATV was zip-tied on the trailer at the time of the robbery.

According to the report, the resident said his wife was outside at 3 a.m. smoking a cigarette that same morning and both the ATV and trailer were still there.
There is no suspect information or evidence.

Lincoln Park

Pirate ship, tombstones stolen

An 6-foot long inflatable Halloween pirate ship with two ghosts, a 6-foot long inflatable with five tombstones with humorous epithets, and a 4-foot high inflatable Snoopy were stolen between 9 and 11:30 p.m. Sept. 30 from a yard in the 1000 block of Ford Boulevard. The 20-year-old resident reporting the theft said the decorations were valued at $175. There were no suspects.

Gift card accounts emptied before purchaser’s use

A 33-year-old woman reported that seven Goggle Play gift cards and two Apple iTune gift cards which she purchased between Sept. 21 and 26 had codes that were already used when she tried to load the codes into her personal account. She said the cards were purchased from Walmart and from Meijer. She said the code strips were not scratched off prior to her removing them. She said she needed a police report number to pursue a claim. There were no suspects.


Teacher’s vehicle window shattered by rock-throwing students

The rear window of a Strong Middle School teacher’s black Dodge minivan was shattered by rock-throwing students the evening of Oct. 3 when her vehicle was parked in the school lot while she attended a school function in Lincoln Park. A school employee initiated the report, and a student witness provided information on the suspects. The incident was also recorded on surveillance video.

A Melvindale High School official reported on Oct. 4 that a student admitted to throwing the rock that broke the windshield, which was confirmed by surveillance video. The student’s information was turned over to the detective bureau.

Suspicious wallet found

A women turned in a wallet Oct. 3 to the police station that she found at Outer Drive Manor Apartments, near the pool, with suspicious content. The officer who inventoried the wallet found two driver’s licenses from different states, with different names, but nearly identical photos. There was also a credit card in a third person’s name, and nine cell phone SIM cards in a clear plastic bag. The contents were place in storage in an evidence bag.


Fraudulent charges incurred on debit card

A man living in the 19000 block of Wedgewood reported the evening of Sept. 26 that two fraudulent transactions occurred on his Dearborn Federal Credit Union debit card. An ATM withdrawal on Sept. 21 for $102.95 occurred at Telegraph Fuel in Dearborn, and a point-of-service withdrawal occurred Sept. 24 for $21.20 in Dearborn Heights. He was given an identity theft packet, and he said the debit card was canceled and replaced. He said at no time was anyone else in possession of the card prior to the fraud.

Computers, knife, tool stolen from vehicle

A man living in the 18000 block of Hamann reported the morning of Sept. 16 that a silver 2010 Apple MacBook Air, an Apple iPad in a silver case, a pocket knife and a Leatherman tool with his name inscribed on it were stolen from his unlocked 2017 blue Chevy Equinox between midnight and 9 a.m. The man said he had forgotten to lock his vehicle when he returned home from a wedding the night before.


Scam artists claiming to be with DTE swindle business owner

A business owner reported the evening of Sept. 21 that scam artists, whose phone number appeared to be from DTE, told him the electricity at his business would be turned off it he didn’t send them $500 through a Bit Coin transaction. He said the callers had both his account information and his business address. When the man later called Bit Coin to confirm the fund transfer, he was told him that the transaction was likely fraudulent.

Mustang vandalized in store parking lot

A man reported the afternoon of Sept. 21 that his red 2015 Ford Mustang was scratched from the passenger side door to the rear passenger side quarter panel, in an up-and-down pattern that appeared to be deliberate, while he was parked from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Sam’s Club, 15700 Northline. He said he was parked on the west side of the lot near the building.


License plate larceny

A women living in the 24300 block of Filmore reported the morning of Sept. 22 that the license plate was stolen from her vehicle between 9:45 p.m. Sept. 21 and 10 am Sept. 22 while it was parked in front of her house. The license plate was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen, and she was given a plate number. There were no suspects.


Bicycle stolen from duplex

A woman reported the evening of Sept. 21 that her unlocked bicycle was stolen between 4:45 and 5 p.m. from the east side of her duplex on West Road. She said the bicycle, valued at $179, was a blue Huffy 10-speed. She was advised to purchase a bike lock.

Woman receives court summons for fraudulent credit card opened in her name

A woman reported the afternoon of Sept. 29 that she received a summons from 33rd District Court in Woodhaven for a $779.92 credit card balance for a card she said someone else applied for in her name. The woman said her car was stolen a decade ago, which could have compromised her personal information. She said she noticed the fraudulent balance of Credit Karma two months ago, and disputed the balance at that time with Credit Karma.


Woman removed from ER lobby for screaming obscenities

A 37-year-old Ecorse woman was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing police officers the evening of Sept. 23 when she refused to leave the emergency room lobby of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Hospital staff said she had been treated and released for a cut on her finger, but the woman did not want to leave, and was shouting obscenities in a public area.

When officers asked her to leave, she refused, and resisted their attempts to walk her from the building. She then resisted their attempts to handcuff her. She was taken into custody, resisted during the booking process, and was held.

Contentious couple taken into custody, charged with assault and battery

A Wyandotte couple arguing about a divorce were taken into custody in the early morning hours of Sept. 22 for aggravated and felonious assault, and a metal baseball bat seized as evidence.

Police were called to the 3500 block of 20th Street on the report of an assault in progress. Dispatch told officers that a 44-year-old woman was reportedly hitting a 49-year-old man in the head with a baseball bat, and the man was waiting outside of the house because the woman inside the house reportedly had a gun.

The man was standing outside of the house, with the baseball bat in his possession, when officers arrived. He said the woman had a gun inside the residence. The man was secured in the rear of a patrol car.

The woman inside the house responded to officers, was searched, and temporarily handcuffed while the house was searched. A gun was found inside of a safe in a bedroom.

The woman said she was at a bar from midnight to 1 a.m., and when she returned to the house, she and the man argued about a divorce. She said the verbal abuse had occurred over several days. She said the man got on top of her on the bed, and threatened to kill himself and others. She said he then grabbed the baseball bat and chased her into the hallway, and hit her in the forehead with the bat.

She said she went into the living room to get away from him, but he followed, “tapping” her on the forehead with the bat, then pushing her, after which she hit her head on the edge of a coffee table. She said at that point the man ran out of the house and called 911.

The man said that after the woman came home from the bar, she tried to seduce him, but he said he still wanted a divorce. He said she became upset, and threatened him, saying he would die before a divorce was granted. He said she grabbed the bat, hitting him on the arm and forehead. He said he grabbed the bat from her, took his cell phone and went outside. He said he had to push her aside to exit the house. When asked how the woman incurred welts on her forehead, he said they were probably self-inflicted.

Fire Department personnel cleared both the man and woman medically. Photos were taken of the man and woman’s injuries. Both were taken into custody and arrested for assault and battery. They were booked and held, and the bat was held as evidence.