Court date set after show cause hearing over family’s dog

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – A show cause hearing Sept. 5 in 24th District court set a 9 a.m. Oct. 3 court date for the Rosedale Street family, whose 11-year-old-dog, Lightning, is being reviewed as a potentially dangerous animal.

At the show cause hearing, in the courtroom of Judge John Courtright, it was stated that the dog, about which two neighbors have filed police complaints, must be registered, maintained in a proper enclosure – and unable to squeeze through or jump a fence – and the owners must have a warning sign posted, an affixed collar on the dog and use a 4-foot leash if they walk him.

An unsigned letter was distributed to neighbors prior to the hearing, urging them to attend. It included statements, saying the hearing was about both family dogs, when it is only about one, and offered editorial comment about the canines.

It said in April, the dogs “busted out of the gate and attacked a dog,” and it said the dogs attacked a second dog in July. Police reports indicate that in both instances, only one dog, Lightening, an 11-year-old brindle, pitbull and boxer mix was involved.

The unsigned letter also said “We are trying to stop these dogs from possibly getting out and attacking or killing, an adult or child.”  None of the police reports indicate any circumstances in which the dog, Lightning, harmed a person.

The dog owners are concerned that some of the contention aimed at them may be personal animosity against the family, which is of a mixed race ancestry.

The family recently received a permit to install a 6-foot privacy fence, and installation is pending.

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