Police Blotter 8-19-2018

Allen Park

Police use Narcan to revive man

Police officers responding to Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive, the night of Aug. 7 based on a report of a man attempting to enter vehicles arrived to find the man passed out in the parking lot, unresponsive. Officers noted that the man was pale and clammy. A sternum rub, the application of painful stimulus to the center of the chest with the knuckles of a closed fist, was applied, to no avail.

A dose of Narcan, a nasal spray to counteract an opiod overdose, was applied. The man did not respond, so officers administered a second dose, then a third and a fourth, after which the man started to respond.
The man was searched, but there was no contraband in his possession. He told rescue personnel that he is a heroin user. He was taken to Dearborn Oakwood Hospital for treatment.

Women caught stealing lingerie

A 22-year-old Inkster woman and a 27-year-old Detroit woman were arrested for retail fraud and theft the afternoon of Aug. 8 after they attempted to steal shoes, socks, lingerie and candles by concealing the items in their oversized purses.

Loss prevention personnel said the women were watched on surveillance video when they entered the store with oversized purses that appeared to be empty. They removed security tags and sensors from shoes, which they then placed in their purses. They continued to shop, adding socks, lingerie and candles to their purses. They then attempted to leave the store without paying for any of the merchandise. They were detained by loss prevention personnel until police officers arrived. They were then handcuffed and taken to the police station, where they were booked and held.


Man flees house after attempted break-in

Police were called to a house in the 1714 block of Robindale July 30 after a resident reported a man attempted to break into his house.

When officers arrived just after 10 a.m., the resident said she was inside the house when she heard someone at the side door.

She approached the door and saw a black male in his mid-20s wearing a white Nike shirt and black shorts. The woman asked the man what he was doing at the house and he responded, “Someone sent me here to hang out.” He fled in an unknown direction on a white mountain bike

According to the report, the woman thought her husband or daughter were trying to enter the house as she was unlocking the door.

The woman provided police with two photos of the man she was able to take on her tablet before the he fled.

Dearborn Heights

Package containing lamp stolen from porch

A resident in the 6600 block of Norborne filed a police report Aug. 3 after a package containing a lamp was taken off his porch.

He told officers that the lamp was delivered between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Aug. 3, according to tracking information. When he arrived home there was no package with the $300 lamp on the porch.

The vendor informed the resident that a refund could be issued if a police report was filed.

Lincoln Park

Catalytic converter stolen from vehicle awaiting repairs

A 49-year-old Lincoln Park man said a catalytic converter, valued at $150, was stolen from his wife’s 2004 Buick Rendezvous between July 13 and 20, when the vehicle was awaiting repairs at Direct Car Care, 3881 Fort St. There were no witnesses, surveillance video nor suspects. The victim said the business owner was going to help make the car driveable until the catalytic converter can be replaced.

Garage door damaged, dirt bike stolen

A 39-year-old woman in the 1300 block of Austin Avenue reported on July 20 that a side garage door, valued at $150, was damaged, and her son’s red and black SSR dirt bike, valued at $500, was stolen. The theft occurred between June 29 and July 20. No other items were taken from the garage. There were no suspects.


Church fence damaged by neighbor’s BB gun

A member of Evangelist Baptist Church, 3550 Oakwood, reported Aug. 6 that the church privacy fence had holes in it, which the police officer noted were likely caused by BB pellets shot from the other side of the fence. A metal target, riddled with holes, was observed attached to the other side of the fence.

A police officer spoke to the homeowner, in the 3600 block of Carol Street, who admitted that his daughter and her friends had been firing a BB gun while sitting around the fire pit. He said they would talk to church officials and take responsibility for repairing the fence. The man was also given a warning to address the high weeds, junk and debris in his yard.

Women verbally harassed by stranger, who their brother then threatened

Two women called their brother the evening of Aug. 9 when they said a man verbally harassed them in Coogan Park, on Robert Street between Cora and Clarence streets. When their brother arrived at the park, he questioned the man his sisters identified, and threatened him with harm if he had any further interaction with his sisters. The man called police based on the brother’s verbal threats. Police officers interviewed both men, who were then advised to leave the park and stay away from each other.


Acoustic guitar stolen from car

A 61-year-old Southgate woman reported the afternoon of Aug. 11 that a light brown Yamaha acoustic guitar, in a soft black case, valued at $175, was stolen from her 2016 blue Ford C-MAX Hybrid car. She said she was unsure if the guitar was stolen from her car at her residence in the 15000 block of Kennebec, or while she was out during the day. There were no signs on the vehicle of a forced entry.

Suspicious charges on credit card

A 62-year-old Southgate man reported Aug. 8 multiple fraudulent charges to his credit card from a liquor store and a restaurant in Chicago. His credit card company noticed the unusual charges on Aug. 3 and notified him. The card was canceled, and he was issued a new card. He was advised to file a police report so he would not be held liable for the fraudulent charges. There were no suspects.


Tools taken from truck

A man living in the 26000 block of 1st Street reported the afternoon of Aug. 12 that an assortment of work tools, valued at about $7,000, were stolen overnight from his 2015 black F-Series Ford pickup truck. The man was uncertain if the vehicle was locked. There were no suspects.

Lawnmower larceny

A woman living in the 26000 block of Lori Street reported at 1:31 a.m. Aug. 10 that when she returned home from an evening out she noticed that her green manual push lawnmower was missing from the back patio of her residence. She said it also appeared that someone had tampered with her wall mounted air conditioning unit. There were no suspects.


Stray bullet reported

A customer at the Secretary of State office, 3040 Van Horn Road, handed a .45-caliber bullet, which he said he found in the parking lot the afternoon of July 19, to an employee at the office. Police officers searched the parking lot, but found no further ammunition.

Light pole hit-and-run

A Department of Public Works employee reported the morning of July 30 that a city light pole in the 2900 block of W. Jefferson Ave., on the northwest side of Elizabeth Park, near the coffee and ice cream shop, had a broken lamp. Evidence indicated that the lamp may have been struck by a red truck.


Drunken man standing in traffic

Police officers on patrol during the early morning hours of Aug. 12 saw a drunken 30-year-old Wyandotte man on Oak Street near 1st Street who was blocking traffic by standing in the road. Police officers warned the man to stay out of the street, and his friends led him back inside a nearby bar.

Officers then watched the area, and 10 minutes later the man once again lurched into the street. The driver of a Chevy truck slowed down and cautiously drove around the man, who then slapped a rear panel of the truck with his hand when it drove past him.

Police officers approached the man, who was staggering and appeared to be highly intoxicated. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station, where he was booked and held.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the man had a blood-alcohol content of 0.250, more than three times the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

Alleged theft triggers assault

A 44-year-old Wyandotte man was charged with breaking and entering and non-aggravated assault the evening of Aug. 10 after he sought out a 40-year-old Wyandotte woman at a mutual friend’s house, in the 4600 block of 17th Street, whom he believed had stolen $100 from him.

The mutual friend, a 46-year-old Wyandotte man, said he picked up the woman from the other man’s house earlier in the day when she called him and said the man had hit her.

The woman said when their mutual friend opened the door, he then barged into the house and went to the basement, where he punched her in the nose, pushed her to the floor and kicked her in the back. She said he then dragged her across the carpeted floor by her ankle, scraping her knee, while threatening to kill her.

The mutual friend said he called the police when he heard the woman screaming.

The woman was transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, where she was treated and her injuries documented. The aggressor said he assumed that the mutual friend allowed him to enter the house when he answered the door. He also denied the assault accusations.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)