Police Blotter 8-12-2018

police-blotterAllen Park

Drunken driver swerving on Outer Drive

A 24-year-old Lincoln Park woman was arrested about 3 a.m. Aug. 7 for operating while impaired when police officers on patrol saw her vehicle swerving in and out of its lane while she was driving west on Outer Drive. After she ran a red light and turned onto the southbound Southfield service drive, they initiated a traffic stop.

When officers approached the driver, they noted that her eyes were glassy, and she smelled of alcoholic intoxicants. When she exited the car, she had difficulty maintaining her balance, and she failed multiple field sobriety tests.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the woman had a blood-alcohol content of 0.14, almost double the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan.

She was taken into custody, booked and held. She was cited for operating while impaired, no proof of insurance and no operator’s license in her possession.

Prior to her vehicle being impounded and towed, an empty bottle of tequila was found under the driver’s seat.

Red-headed thief caught red-handed

A 32-year-old red-headed Monroe woman with outstanding warrants, including one for armed robbery, was arrested near Rite Aid, 15411 Southfield Road, the afternoon of Aug. 1 after she tried to walk away after shoplifting and setting off sensors. While trying to leave the area, she abandoned her backpack, allowing an accomplice to retrieve it, before she was caught and captured. She was taken into custody and held pending arraignment.

Home Depot employee arrested for embezzlement

An employee of Home Depot, 3163 Fairlane Drive, was arrested for embezzlement Aug. 6 after she passed about $2,500 worth of unpaid merchandise through a register.

Store personnel said an investigation began because of the “item corrections” at the 29-year-old Melvindale woman’s register. She would ring up items for a customer known to her, then “item correct” or delete the items from the transaction, but still let the items leave the store without the customer paying for them.

The embezzlement began about July 3, and continued for a month. She said she had “fallen on hard times,” and the merchandise being stolen was to finish a kitchen remodeling, which she said she wanted to complete to keep her children safe. She was arrested, booked and held.


Police respond to assault report at Summer Stephens Park

Police were called to Summer Stephens Park, 22730 Audette, after a man and woman claimed they were assaulted by two men on Aug. 1.

Once at the scene about 8 p.m., officers spoke with the man and woman who said the were walking at park when a group of 12 men began yelling at them. The group of men, described as black and in their teens and early 20s, were playing basketball at the park when they allegedly starting yelling at the couple.

According to the police report, the man and woman did not know why or why the men were yelling at them. The group of men began walking toward the couple while continuing to yell. As the men got closer, two men swung at the pair hitting them both.

The woman was hit on the cheek and arm and the man was also hit with a closed fist in the right cheek. Both the man and woman fled the park and called police from a house in the 4700 block of Syracuse after the assault.
Neither one of them received medical attention. Police searched the park and surrounding area but did not find any suspects.

Dearborn Heights

Owner finds vehicle missing after weekend trip

A victim of a vehicle theft called police to a house in the 26300 block of Van Born Road July 30 after she discovered her Ford F-150 was missing.

She told officers the truck was parked nearby at 9 a.m. July 27 before she left on a weekend trip. On July 30, the woman returned and noticed the truck was stolen.

There was no evidence or suspect information regarding the missing truck.

Resident reports stolen bag of clothes

Police responded to a house in the 8500 block of Canfield Drive July 31 for a report of a bag of clothes missing from a Chrysler Pacifica.

The victim said that about 7 a.m. July 31 she noticed a rear window of her vehicle was shattered and that a bag containing clothes was stolen.

No other items were missing from the vehicle, according to the report.
There is no suspect information.

Lincoln Park

Furnace, hot water heater stolen from house being sold

A 21-year-old man in the process of closing on a house in the 18000 block of Philomene Boulevard reported on July 20 that a furnace, valued at $4,000, and a hot water heater, valued at $300, were stolen between July 9 and 20 from the basement.

The thief appeared to have entered through a bedroom window on the southeast side of the house, and a side door was found to be unlocked. A neighbor said he had seen an older model black Chevy Blazer in the driveway earlier that day, but could offer no description of the vehicle’s occupant.

Tools, wallet taken from unlocked work truck

Tools valued at more than $5,000 and a wallet were stolen from an unlocked black 2006 Ford F-150 parked on the south side of Liberty Avenue, near Fort Street, between the morning of July 18 and the afternoon of July 21. The tools were unsecured in the bed of the truck, while the wallet, with $80, a driver’s license, five debit cards, an insurance card and a Social Security card, was taken from the truck’s center console.


Light post glass shattered by vandal

A woman in the 1700 block of Prospect reported July 16 that the glass on the light post on her front lawn was shattered overnight, with the glass scattered across the lawn. There were no nearby surveillance cameras.


Prescription fraud foiled

An alert pharmacist at Walgreens, 17071 Fort St., prevented two men from fraudulently filling prescriptions for Xanax and Tramadol the afternoon of July 27, when she recognized that they were not among the people her customer would ever have pick up her pills. She told the two men, who came in together, that she would have to talk to the woman for whom the script was written before releasing it to them. The men conferred with each other, then left.

After calling her customer’s doctor, he confirmed that the prescription was a fake. An online record check showed a Livonia pharmacy also received a fraudulent script for Tramadol for the customer, which was voided when advised by the Walgreen pharmacist.

The men were recorded on surveillance video. The first man was described as a tall white man with an athletic build, wearing a baseball cap, a University of Michigan T-shirt, and black sweat pants with a white stripe down the side. The second man was described as a medium height white man with an athletic build, with a black beard, wearing a black T-shirt with a design and black pants.

Fog light stolen from car

A man living in the 14000 block of Greentrees reported the night of July 29 that the passenger side fog light had been removed from his 2013 Honda Accord. He said the damage to his vehicle is estimated at $4,500. There were no surveillance video, and no suspects.


Ford Falcon fouled

The owner of a 1964 Ford Falcon on display for a car show Aug. 8 near Southgate City Hall, 14400 Dix Toledo Road, was damaged by a foul ball from a nearby baseball field. The foul ball hit the front passenger side fender, causing a dent. The classic car owner said he was going to file an insurance claim.

Rock versus window

A resident in the 12000 block of Callender reported at noon Aug. 4 that someone threw a rock about the size of a baseball through her living room window between midnight and 9:30 a.m., creating a hole and cracks in the window, which she said would cost $1,200 to replace. There were no suspects.

Identity thief opens Verizon Wireless account

A resident reported that his name, address and Social Security number were used to fraudulently open a Verizon Wireless account, for which he was billed $1,156 for past due charges. He said he had no idea how his personal information was accessed. He was given a report number to file with Verizon to get the charges waived.


Identity thief opens fraudulent PayPal account

A woman reported July 19 that a PayPal credit line account was fraudulently created in her name. She said she discovered the identity theft when PayPal credit told her she had a $159 past due charge for a Footlocker purchase. PayPal told her the fraudulent account was opened in January 2014 using her Social Security number, and she would need to file a police report to close the fraudulent account and get the charges resolved.

Tree branch versus vehicle

A gray 2006 Honda Accord parked on Evergreen was damaged Aug. 7 when a large branch fell on it, shattering the rear window. The branch fell from a tree on the easement in front of the house.


Intoxicated man tries to break into house of woman who fed him

A woman living in the 1000 block of Hudson, who fed breakfast to a 28-year-old Wyandotte man who said he was hungry Aug. 7, asked him to leave when she became aware that he was under the influence of narcotics, slurring his words and nodding off at the table.
The man then grabbed a ladder from the side of her garage and tried to climb in her kitchen window. She called police, and he was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. He was taken to the police station, where he was booked and held.

Man passed out behind store with young child

Police officers responded to a call the afternoon of Aug. 6 from a witness near CVS/pharmacy, 2025 Fort St., who said a man with a young child was lying down in an alley behind the store.

The 35-year-old Wyandotte man smelled of intoxicants, and had slurred speech and watery eyes. The man had called a friend to pick up his young son and take him to the man’s parents’ house. However, he was suspicious of the officers’ motives, and was uncooperative and profane around them.

The man was found to be in violation of his parole for home invasion. During booking, when asked to take off his socks, he took off all of his clothes to prove he had nothing illegal in his possession. He then had trouble re-dressing himself.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the man had a blood-alcohol content of 0.266, more than three times the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan. He was cited for disorderly conduct and obstructing police.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)