Good2Great Neighborhood Program finishing up in Area 3, eyeing new location

community-graphicTAYLOR — The city’s Good2Great Neighborhood Program is finishing up in Area No. 3, between Brest, Beech Daly, Wick and Holland-Cape Cod. Once it is finished, the city will announce Area No. 4.

Since the beginning of the year, city departments have coordinating this new campaign, which targets specific neighborhoods in the community for improvement. It is more than just a Department of Public Works’ effort; almost every department in the city is involved in some way.

Trees are trimmed, roads repaired, sewers cleaned and sidewalks inspected. Signs are fixed or most times replaced with the newer, high-intensity prismatic version. Through the program, the city offers trees at a discount price for easement areas.

So far this year, the program worked in the following areas:
• Area No. 1 (pilot program): between Westlake, Goddard, Beech Daly and Haig.
• Area No. 2: between Monroe, Van Born, Allen and I-94.
• Area No. 3: between Brest, Beech Daly, Wick and the Holland-Cape Cod corridor.
The announcement of Area No. 4 may come as soon as this week.
The following are updates on the program:
• In Area No. 3, some concrete road work is still being done, in addition to some vacuuming of sewers.
• In Area No. 1, the transition to the new LED street lights may take place quicker than predicted. It is highly possible that DTE will do those upgrades this fall. Originally, city officials thought it would take until next year.
• Also in Area No. 1, the city has re-looked at some of the trees along Haig Street, bordering Papp Park, and has decided to trim them. That should be done soon, officials said.
• Lastly in Area No. 1, while not part of the Good2Great program schedule, residents will see street improvements this year on Gulley, between Madden and Koths. These improvements were planned as a part of the regular residential street improvement schedule for 2018.
• In Area No. 2, a “dip” along an Avalon intersection was corrected.

In addition to the work now under way, the city plans to seal joints and cracks in streets in all three Good2Great Neighborhood areas. A contract with Carr’s Outdoor Services for that work was approved by City Council Aug. 8.