Police Blotter 7-29

police-blotterAllen Park

Propane tanks stolen from store next to police station

An assistant manager of Great Lakes Ace Hardware, 15819 Southfield Road, walked next door to the police station at noon July 19 to report the theft of 12 full propane tanks from the locked rack in front of the store.

A silver Master lock used to secure the tank storage rack appeared to have been cut with bolt cutters. Six empty tanks were left behind. The theft occurred between 10 p.m. July 18 and 8 a.m. July 19. There were no surveillance cameras on the outside of the building. The tanks stolen were valued at $660. There were no suspects.

Liquor thief escapes by pulling a knife

A pair of liquor thieves at Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive, avoided being detained by store loss prevention personnel the afternoon of July 16 when a man brandished a knife to ensure his and his female companion’s escape.

Store personnel said a man and a woman were observed in the liquor aisle, where the woman took bottles from a shelf and put them in her plaid bag. She and her male companion then left the store without paying for the concealed merchandise.

When a loss prevention employee approached the couple, the man turned around, removed a black and gold pocket knife, with a three inch blade, from his right pants pocket, and said, “Back off or I will stab you with this knife. Don’t try me. I will stab you with this knife.” The employee then retreated and called 911, as the couple fled in a white minivan.

They were described as black and in their 40s. The man was wearing a white sleeveless T-shirt, blue jean shorts, brown work boots and a white straw hat with a black band. The woman was wearing glasses, a pink T-shirt and blue jeans. The actions of the alleged thieves were captured on surveillance video.


Office building damaged after break-in

Police were called to a doctor’s office inside Parklane Towers West, 3 Parklane Blvd., July 16 after the owner observed damage from an apparent break-in sometime between July 12 and 15.

The owner said she noticed the damage at the office when she entered the building. She told officers that the front door was locked and that the office assistant is the only other person who has a set of keys. There were no signs of forced entry, the owner said.

Police observed a broken mirror in the waiting room, and broken decorations and picture frames along with filing cabinets that were rummaged through in the office rooms. The owner wasn’t able to tell if any office documents were missing.

According to the report, building security said that patrol shifts conducted outside the office’s front door are logged. Security also said that the building is closed to the public after businesses close.

Dearborn Heights

License plate reported missing from van

The owner of a Chevrolet Express 1500 cargo van called police July 8 after she noticed its license plate was missing.

Police arrived to the house in the 4900 block Ziegler where the owner told them she parked the van in the driveway about 1 p.m. July 6. On July 8, the victim went back to the van at noon when she noticed the plate was stolen.

According to the report, the owner suspects the license plate was stolen during the night.

There is no suspect information.

Garage broken into, spray painted

Police responded to a house in the 26200 block of Eton July 13 on a report of graffiti inside a garage.
The victim told officers she was doing yard work and saw that the garage door was open. She entered the garage and saw “47 Gang” spray painted on the walls inside.

According to the police report, the garage was broken into recently and that it was possibly done by a child living in the same neighborhood.

Lincoln Park

Fisherman reports “the one that got away”

A resident in the 1800 block of Richmond reported the night of June 5 that a neighbor saw a man, described as white and wearing an orange sweatshirt, enter his yard and take a blue Coleman cooler with a white lid, valued at $5, that was used to store their catch on fishing trips. The neighbor said at the time that they were unsure whether the man was a friend of the neighbor.

Not ’So Good:’ KFC door damaged

A glass door panel on the west side of KFC, 1217 Dix Avenue, was discovered cracked the afternoon of June 2 by an employee who was sweeping the parking lot. The door, valued at $500, was undamaged when employees entered at 8 a.m. earlier that day. The staff said they did not hear anything unusual, and there were no suspects or surveillance video of the area.


LaCrosse scratched, light smashed

A woman living in the 3300 block of of Melrose Drive reported the afternoon of July 16 that her 2016 Buick LaCrosse, parked in her driveway, and the post light in her yard were vandalized overnight.
She showed where the car was scratched, from the front passenger door to the rear fender. The vehicle owner said she had not damaged the vehicle while driving.

The glass housing around the light bulbs of the post light was also damaged. The woman did not have estimated repair costs at the time of the report. There were no suspects, and no surveillance cameras in the area.

This Bud’s for you?

A bottle of Budweiser beer thrown from a passenger side window of a dark blue Dodge Durango the night of July 10, while it drove north in the 17400 block of Wood Street, struck and broke the glass on the driver’s side mirror of a silver 2005 GMC Yukon. The owner of the damaged vehicle said the Durango then turned west on Martel Avenue, with two or three men in the vehicle. There were no cost estimates to repair the mirror, and no suspects were identified.


Fraudulent Comcast account runs up $1,000 bill

A woman reported the morning of June 2 that a fraudulent Comcast account had been opened in her name, with $1,038 in accumulated charges, and requested a police report to initiate a request to Comcast to remedy the fraudulent charges. The woman said she reported the issue to credit reporting bureaus as well.


Debit card fraudulently used

A woman reported the afternoon of July 17 that her debit card account was fraudulently used twice on July 14 to pay a total of $845 to AT&T Wireless. She said she does not have an account with AT&T, and was told by company officials to file a police report. The woman said she froze her debit card account and flagged her user cards.

Train gate vs. Chevy

A woman reported the morning of July 19 that a railroad crossing gate damaged her 2015 red Chevrolet Impala on July 19 when she was turning left from northbound Allen Road to westbound Northline, and the gate came down on the roof of her car, scratching it. She said when she reversed to back away from the tracks, the car trunk was scratched by the gate. The driver was not hurt.


Burglar bags cash, jewelry

Residents in the 25300 block of Kensington reported the evening of July 17 that they arrived home to find the front door open and the master bedroom ransacked. The front door had no signs of damage, and may have been opened with a lock picking tool.

The residents reported that $600 was stolen from one bedroom, and $900 was missing from the master bedroom, along with a pearl necklace and diamond earrings. The last person to leave the house, four and a half hours hours before the burglary was discovered, said he believed that all of the doors and windows were locked when he departed. A neighbor had a security camera, but it was not functional due to a power outage. There was no other evidence left at the scene.


Debit card information used to empty checking account

A man reported the afternoon of July 11 that $13,400 had been stolen from his Citizens Bank checking account. The victim said the last time he had used his debit card was at an ATM in Toledo, Ohio. He said there were three separate withdrawals: for $4,000, $4,500 and $4,900. He said the bank had restored his balance, and he wanted to document the incident.

Credit card charged for fraudulent Airbnb rental

A woman reported the afternoon of July 13 that two reservations to Airbnb had been fraudulently charged to her Visa card, and the charges caused her credit card to be declined. The bank providing the credit card told her to file a police report. She was told to contact police personnel if her personal information was used for fraud in the future.


Landing on broken glass

A 26-year-old Monroe man who got into a bar fight in the upper level of Whiskey’s on the Water, 2903 Biddle, at 1:47 a.m. July 15, the closing night of the Street Air Fair, reportedly fell during the scuffle and cut his arm on broken glass. The laceration, on his left arm below the elbow, was severe. Rescue personnel administered first aid at the scene, and he was transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for further treatment. Two bouncers, who provided police officers with details, were unable to provide details about the man with whom he had fought.

Fight near live music stage injures two fair goers

Two Street Art Fair attendees were injured when a fight broke out at 10:56 p.m. July 13, in the lot near Oak and Van Alstyne streets, north of the live music stage, and east of Whiskey’s on the Water. A 58-year-old Wyandotte woman was found lying on her back, in distress, and was transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for further evaluation. A second victim, a 28-year-old Allen Park man, said he was hit in the face. He declined first aid on site, but agreed to go to the hospital for evaluation. Officers were unable to identify anyone who inflicted the victims’ injuries.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)