Trunk no Treat?

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – Reports of a man who transported his dog in his car trunk provoked loud outcry in local media, but Animal Control officers assure animal lovers that the dog is fine.

A neighbor in the area of Roger and Russell avenues captured cell phone video on July 17 of a confrontation between them and the dog owner after he admitted to transporting the dog in the trunk of his car to prevent the dog from dirtying clothes he had on the seat.

The video, which was confrontational and provoked strong language, was widely viewed on social media, and covered by WJBK Channel 2.

Downriver Animal Control officers issued a report stating that the  5-month-old pit bull mix named Reese, who has a reddish-brown coat, appeared healthy and well-fed and hydrated.

The pet owner said the neighbors who videotaped him were unaware that he had lowered the back seat of his vehicle to allow ventilation to the trunk area.

Officers advised the man that the ventilation still might not be adequate to maintain a safe temperature for transporting a dog, and there is a perception on the part of the general public that the practice is generally unsafe.
The man was advised that a repeat episode could result in prosecution for animal endangerment.

The man, who was initially defensive when officers approached, showed officers the puppy, who had fresh food and water in his backyard.

The dog’s owner said in another month, when Reese was old enough to get a rabies shot, he would register the dog with the city.

Animal control officials said in their report that they believe the dog owner, who is relatively young and inexperienced, has learned a lesson from the experience.

The pet owner said his anger on the video was exacerbated by what he characterized as a confrontation with his neighbors.

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