Police Blotter 6-24

Allen Park

Close shave

Shoplifting shaving supplies resulted in a retail fraud citation the night of June 2 for a 37-year-old Detroit woman, who attempted to conceal $290 worth of shaving supplies inside a vest she was wearing, and a $50 pair of Sketcher shoes in her pants pockets at Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive.

Loss prevention personnel watched via video surveillance as the woman selected and hid the items in her clothing. When she attempted to leave the store without paying for the items, she was detained by loss prevention personnel. A man she was with in the store was not detained.

Police officers were able to identify the woman using her law enforcement Record Management System photo, tattoos, her address and her criminal history. After she was cited, she was given a ride to I-94 and Livernois in Detroit.

Police help woman break into her house

A woman living in the 14800 block of Anne Avenue locked herself out of her house the morning June 1 with her 2-year-old daughter inside. The woman said she had stepped outside to talk to a tow truck driver shortly before locking herself out.

Police officers were unable to find an unlocked window, so with the woman’s permission, they kicked open the back door, with minimal damage to the door frame. The child was found lying in her bed, unharmed, oblivious to the lookout.


Resident reports scooter missing from garage

A man reported his 2007 Honda Ruckus moped missing to police on June 8. When he visited the police station, he said the scooter was stolen between May 28 and June 8 from the garage in the 1350 block of Vernon.

The victim informed officers that on June 8 he entered his garage to check on the scooter and noticed it was missing. He also said the garage door was open on May 28 and that he closed the door but did not check the inside because he was on his way out to work.

According to the report, the victim was in possession to the only set of keys for the scooter, but he said the scooter could be kick-started with no keys needed.

There is no suspect information.

Dearborn Heights

Two women steal merchandise from Dunham’s

Two women got away with stealing merchandise from Dunham’s Sporting Goods, 26312 Ford Road, June 14.

The two women entered the store about 1:30 p.m. carrying large, but empty purses and at 1:54 p.m. with their purses full of merchandise. According to the report, an employee attempted to stop one of the women, but she pushed her way past the employee. As a result of altercation, the employee’s finger was broken.

Both women left the parking lot in a sliver four-door vehicle, possibly a Buick Century. They were described as black females in their 20s or 30s.
Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call Dearborn Heights police at 313-277-7709.

Lincoln Park

Steering column damaged by unsuccessful thief

When a potential car thief was unable to hot-wire a 2005 Pontiac Montana minivan the night of May 30, a 50-year-old man living in the 2000 block of Oceana Avenue was left with $300 in damage to the steering column.

The man said he parked the unlocked minivan in his driveway overnight. At 3 a.m. he saw that the vehicle’s dome light was on. When he went to check on it, he found damage to the steering column, and was unable to start the car. He said nothing was taken from the vehicle, and there was no damage to the minivan door locks.

Rocking chair stolen from hospitalized man’s porch

A 97-year-old man living in the 1800 block of White Avenue reported the night of May 31 that when he returned home home after a five-day hospital stay, a heavy wooden rocking chair, valued at $400, and two red wooden flower pots, valued at $100 each, were missing from his front porch. His neighbors said they did not see anything suspicious. Police did not find any surveillance cameras in the immediate area.


Unwanted deposit

A man in the 18500 block of Ruth Avenue reported the morning of May 26 that between 4 and 6 p.m. May 25, several bags of garbage were dumped in the alley behind his house. The officer contacted the Department of Public Works to pick up the trash. There were no surveillance videos nor witnesses.

Tagger vandalizes business

A vandal tagged the back of Mel Bar, 17993 Allen Road, between 8 a.m. May 25 and 10:40 a.m. May 27 with spray painted gang graffiti. An adjacent business may have captured the vandalism on surveillance video, but the employee on duty at the time said he did not know how to access images from the system.


Money stolen from purse left in car

An employee of Riverview Pizza Place, 13620 Sibley Road, said between 4:30 and 8:30 p.m. June 7, $810 was stolen from her purse, which was on the front passenger seat in her locked car. She said the car windows were cracked open. There was no surveillance video of the theft.

Razor blades and Rogaine stolen

Walgreens, 17071 Fort St., reported the morning of June 11 that the store had an inventory loss of $909 worth of razor blades, Rogaine and Prilosec. The store manager said he was directed to review the store’s inventory following similar losses in Walgreen stores in the metropolitan Detroit area.


License plate purloined

A 62-year-old woman who hadn’t driven her vehicle in two weeks reported the afternoon of June 2 that the license plate was missing from her car, a 2002 tan Toyota Corolla. The woman said the car was parked next to her apartment building in the 13000 block of Village Park Drive. The plate was listed in the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.

Branch from city property damages residential roof

A large branch from a tree on city property fell on a private porch roof the afternoon of June 1 in the 15000 block of Churchill. The branch damaged shingles, gutters, and a support beam, and the front porch roof appeared to be collapsing. Department of Public Works employees were dispatched to the location to remove the tree branch debris.


Suspected bank robbers captured

Three suspects are in custody following the June 18 morning robbery of Citizen’s Bank, 23455 Eureka. Two masked men entered the bank with a shotgun about 11:27 a.m. As they fled the scene by car, a dye pack detonated, and they tossed the stolen cash out the vehicle window.

Officers said some people retrieved the jettisoned money and gave it to police officers, while others picked up ill-gotten gains and left the scene.

Taylor and Wyandotte police apprehended the first suspect, a man, after he parted ways with the getaway vehicle and was chased on foot by pursuing officers. The remaining two suspects, a man and a woman, were apprehended later that night at an Oakland County motel. Following surveillance, detectives obtained a search warrant for the suspects’ room, where a sawed-off shotgun and evidence of the bank robbery were recovered.


Debit card account fraudulently used at gas stations

A man reported the afternoon of June 13 that his debit card account was fraudulently used June 12 at a Meijer gas station and Marathon gas station, both in Lincoln Park. He said his actual debit card was in his possession the entire time.

Apartment complex package thefts

A man reported the afternoon of June 13 that two UPS packages were stolen from the front door of his apartment. One package contained an iPhone; the other, a pair of flip flops. The man said he received a text notification when the packages were delivered, but they were missing 45 minutes later when he arrived home. He said residents of the apartment complex had ongoing problems with package theft.

Officers checked with neighbors, but no one had taken the packages for safekeeping or by mistake. The apartment complex office was closed when officers attempted to make contact. Officers did not observe any surveillance cameras inside the apartment building.


Third Friday reveler passes out on lawn

A 34-year-old Lincoln Park woman was cited for public intoxication the night of June 15 during the Third Friday event, when officers responded to a report of a drunken woman at 5th and Oak streets who was unable to walk and passed out.

When officers approached the woman, who was lying on a lawn, she smelled of alcohol, and admitted, with slurred speech, to being highly intoxicated. Her eyes were watery, and she was unable to stand on her own.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the woman had a blood-alcohol content of 0.225, almost three times the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan. She was taken in custody and held.

Holy Cow Creamery burglar turns himself in

A 57-year-old Ecorse man turned himself in June 18 after hearing reports on the news about the June 17 break-in at Holy Cow Creamery, 939 Ford Ave.

Approximately $550 was reported stolen from a register, and from a cash box in the back office. It appeared that a rock was used to break a window, and burglary tools were left at the scene. The business had multiple security cameras, and fingerprints were recovered at the scene that were believed to belong to the suspect.
(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)