Police Blotter 6-17

Allen Park

Purse stolen from locked car at LA Fitness

A Michael Kors purse with credit cards, a Social Security card and a bank card with routing and account numbers was stolen from a locked 2014 Honda Civic the evening of June 2 at LA Fitness, 3223 Fairlane Drive.

A mobile alert notified the woman that one of her credit cards was used multiple times in Detroit. There were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle. A spare ignition key was also stolen. She was advised to contact her credit card companies and bank, and to monitor her accounts her fraudulent activity.

Clothing, cosmetics and grocery theft thwarted

Two Detroit women, ages 26 and 17, were cited for retail fraud when they attempted to leave Target, 3100 Fairlane Drive, the afternoon of June 1 with more than $300 worth of clothing, cosmetics and groceries concealed in large handbags.

The women, who were monitored on surveillance video by loss prevention personnel, began in the clothing section, where both selected items and placed them in their respective purses. They then moved to the grocery section, selecting food and other miscellaneous items, again placing them in their purses. As they attempted to leave the store without paying for any of the items, they were detained by loss prevention personnel. One of the woman, who had identification, was cited and released on the scene. The other woman, who lacked identification, was taken to the Lincoln Park police station for booking, then to the Allen Park Police Department, were she was released on bond.


$3,500 stolen from TGI Fridays in break-in

Police were called to TGI Fridays, 720 Town Center Drive at 9 a.m. May 28 after the manager reported a break-in and money missing at the restaurant.

Once at the scene, officers were told by the manager that she closed the restaurant the night before, locked the doors and made sure to set the alarm. When she returned the next morning to open the restaurant, the manager noticed the alarm was deactivated. She also said the front door remained locked and a security monitor inside was turned off.

The manager checked the cash registers and safe in the office when she discovered over $3,500 in cash and change were missing. A security video DVR also was stolen from the restaurant.

Shortly after, the restaurant’s director of operations arrived at the location and informed officers that a former manager was possibly the suspect in the robbery. He told police that the former manager recently was demoted and reassigned to another location in southeast Michigan.

According to the police report, the former manager was in possession of a set keys and work laptop that belonged to the Dearborn restaurant. The restaurant’s director of operations said he spent the last week attempting to regain possession of the items from the former manager.

Dearborn Heights

minibike, generator and lawnmower taken from garage

A man called police to a house in the 8200 block of Virgil after his son informed him a minibike, generator and lawnmower were missing from the garage on May 30.

The man told police he asked his son to get the lawnmower from the garage when the items were discovered missing. He also informed police that a break-in took place in February and that the house could be targeted.

Video security footage from the house showed one man enter the garage through the side door and exit with the items.

According to the police report, the intruder was described as a white male wearing a grey tank top, white shorts, sandals and has a tattoo across his body.

Cellphone stolen from Family Dollar

Police responded to Family Dollar, 4007 Pelham Road, June 2 after the store manager’s cellphone was stolen.

The manager said she put her iPhone 8 Plus behind the counter about 7 p.m. and noticed it was missing at 8:30 p.m. that night. After contacting her cellphone service provider she was told her cellphone was pinging in Detroit.

Police are investigating the robbery.

Lincoln Park

Burglar breaks into market, leaves empty handed

A man set off a motion detector alarm and was recorded on surveillance video after he used a possible crowbar about 3 a.m. June 3 to force open two Plexiglas windows in front of River Drive Market, 455 Southfield Road.

The intruder, a balding white male wearing long dark pants and a dark long sleeve, hooded shirt, went to the front of the store with a crowbar, and is seen on surveillance video moving about inside the store. He did not appear to steal anything, but a case of energy drinks was left outside the store, which were taken into evidence to be checked for fingerprints.

Cell phone stolen from car, tracked to location

A Samsung Galaxy cell phone, valued at $200, was reported stolen overnight the morning of June 5 from an unlocked car in the 700 block of Mayfair, when the resident noticed the car driver’s door left open. Police officers were able to track the cell phone to a Lincoln Park address, but were unable to speak to anyone at the location.


Good Samaritan turns in lost paycheck

A woman took to the police station a paycheck that she found the evening of June 1 in a lane of Allen Road. Police went to the man’s Melvindale address with the check, but no one was home. He was reached June 2 by telephone, and retrieved his paycheck at the Police D

Church burglarized

Officers responded to New Hope Church, 3401 Oakwood Boulevard, the afternoon of June 6 when a church employee discovered pry marks on the front door of the church, then discovered the rear door of the church had been pried open. The employee said she would have to speak with church members to determine what was missing. Officers photographed the pry marks on the doors. There were no suspects.


Laptop stolen overnight from unlocked vehicle

A man who unintentionally left his vehicle unlocked after unpacking it after returning home from a trip reported the morning of June 4 that an HP laptop computer, valued at $1,000, was stolen from his 2017 gray Ford Explorer parked in the 19000 block of Fort Street. There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle.

Bike stolen from locked garage

A man in the 17000 block of Koester reported the afternoon of May 31 that his bicycle, a 26-inch Schwinn blue Hybrid, valued at $150, was stolen from his locked garage while he was gone for one hour for a job interview. There were visible pry marks and minor damage to the garage side door. No other items were taken.


Back window broken on Trailblazer

The back window of a 2004 gray Chevy Trailblazer parked in the 15000 block of Garrison Lane was shattered the afternoon of June 2, possibly by a BB gun, although no pellets were recovered inside the vehicle. The 62-year-old man who reported the vandalism said a child living nearby had come under suspicion for a similar incident a few months ago, but he had no other information about the incident. He said the damaged window will cost $300 to replace.

Work van stolen with tools

A locked 2005 white Ford Econoline van was stolen in the early morning hours from the 15000 block of Nancy. The vehicle, which belongs to Redguard Fire and Security of Plymouth, a technology systems integrator, had tools stored in the rear of the van and a ladder on top. The vehicle had a cracked windshield, and distinctive stickers on the vehicle that were described to officers.


Wallet stolen overnight from unlocked car

A woman living in the 10800 block of Mt. Vernon reported on June 8 that her wallet was stolen overnight from her unlocked 2016 silver Nissan Versa. Her wallet, which was in the glove box, contained her driver’s license, a credit card, $10 and her library card. The interior of the car was ransacked. She was advised to cancel her cards. There was no damage to her vehicle, and there were no suspects.

Dog left in hot car while owner in restaurant

A small dog was left inside a parked car with the windows cracked the evening of June 7 when the outside temperature was 84 degrees Fahrenheit, while the dog’s owner was dining at Wahlburgers, 21200 Penn St.

A witness reported that the dog had been in the locked vehicle, in direct sunlight, for about an hour, with no water. The dog was barking and panting.

An officer unlocked the car and gave the dog some water, who seemed to recover once hydrated.

The owner of the car, a gray Chrysler 300, was contacted inside the restaurant. He was told that the temperature inside a car in direct sunlight can reach 130 to 172 degrees Fahrenheit. He was cited for animal cruelty, and advised to leave his dog at home next time he decided to eat out.


Impact wrench falls off pickup truck onto Jefferson

A cordless impact wrench that fell off a small, dark colored pickup truck April 30 while the vehicle was traveling north on Jefferson near Maple was turned in to the police station by a person who saw the incident occur. The property is being stored at the police station.

Bike, backpack abandoned

A bicycle and backpack were reported abandoned the afternoon of May 3 near the tennis courts at Boyd W. Arthurs Middle School, 4000 Marian Drive. The bicycle is a 17-inch blue and green Manitoba mountain bike. A black University of Michigan bag, with stereo speakers inside it, was tied to the handlebars. The property was taken to the police station and stored.


Roommate dispute escalates to pepper spray, broken glass

Warring roommates resulted in two police officer visits the third weekend of May. At 11:09 p.m. May 18, a 20-year-old Wyandotte woman in the 1700 block of 14th Street reported that she felt threatened by her roommate, a 21-year-old Wyandotte woman, and the roommate’s friend, a 20-year-old Riverview woman. She said she used pepper spray on the Riverview woman to defend herself during a dispute over who would have which bedrooms in the house, which she and the 21-year-old Wyandotte woman had recently rented.

When police arrived, the woman was upset that her cat had escaped from the house during the conflict with the roommates. The other two women had left. Due to the pepper spray in the air, officers were unable to document the damage she said the other two women did to her bedroom.

She said she was worried that her roommate had the extra set of her car keys, and might damage the her vehicle as an act of revenge.

Officers talked to the other two women, who were together, by cell phone. They said the pepper spray attack was unprovoked.

The woman who initiated the complaint was encouraged to spend the night at her mother’s house to avoid further confrontation.

The next morning, at 9:26 a.m. May 19, the 21-year-old Wyandotte woman, the complainant’s roommate, arrived at the house, and discovered her roommate’s chair in pieces on the front lawn, and her own room damaged, as her roommate and a companion, a 21-year-old Detroit woman, had threatened to do via text messages.

There was broken glass throughout the house, and a mirror in her bedroom was smashed on the floor. A glass picture frame of hers was smashed on the floor of the hallway. A baby gate which was hers was broken, and on the floor of the hallway. The woman said she had taken photographs of the damage. She told the officers she wished to press charges against the two women who damaged her property.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)