Police Blotter 6-10

Allen Park

Comforter con

A 44-year-old Detroit man tried to return two comforters that he placed in his cart the afternoon of June 6 while inside Target, 3100 Fairlane Drive. He was given credit on a merchandise return card for the first item, but was told he could only exchange the second comforter for items of equal value that day.

The man then walked through the store and selected four cleaning products and three home items, which he then exchanged for the other comforter. When he attempted to leave the store, he was stopped by loss prevention personnel and detained. When officers arrived, he was cited for retail fraud and released.

Drunken driver speeds past police traffic stop

A 40-year-old Sterling Heights man was arrested and taken into custody at 1:48 a.m. June 2 for operating a motor vehicle while impaired after he passed a police traffic stop on the Southfield Freeway at a high rate of speed. An officer in a second patrol car pursued the man, clocked him going 78 to 80 mph in a 55 mph zone, saw him make lane changes without signaling and failing to maintain lane position.

When stopped, the man smelled of intoxicants, his eyes were bloodshot and glossy, and he stumbled when exiting the vehicle. The man said he had consumed five beers while on a date. Multiple field sobriety tests were conducted, all of which he failed.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and the man had a blood-alcohol content of 0.17, more than 2 times the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan.

His vehicle was towed, and he was taken to the Lincoln Park Police Department for booking, since the Allen Park Police Department was in the process of relocating to its new facility. He was then transported to the Dearborn police station to be held.


Man arrested after police discover handgun, machete in vehicle

While on patrol in the area of Michigan Avenue and Tenny May 21, police observed a vehicle make an illegal left turn.

A traffic stop was conducted where officers spoke with the driver of the Ford Econoline who said he did not have a driver’s license because it was suspended. Police completed a background check on the driver which revealed two current driver’s license suspensions and two previous felony convictions.

When officers searched the vehicle they found a black machete along with a Smith and Wesson handgun.
He was arrested for the driving with a suspended license and felon in possession of a firearm.

Police arrest woman for possession of cocaine

A traffic stop for running a red light on May 23 led to an arrest of a driver in possession of cocaine.

Police were patrolling at Michigan Avenue and Greenfield at 8 p.m. when they saw a Chevy Trailblazer run a red light. During the subsequent traffic stop, a background check revealed nothing on the driver or passenger.

A search of the vehicle was agreed to by the driver when the she told officers there were drugs in her purse. Police found a small bag of cocaine in the driver’s purse along with a syringe filled with liquid cocaine.

The driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Dearborn Heights

Van, tools stolen overnight

Police responded to a house in the 21100 block of Fairview May 25 after a man reported his Ford van and tools were missing.

The victim said he parked and locked his van at 1:30 a.m. and when he returned outside just before 8:30 a.m. it was stolen.

A set of the van’s keys were inside the vehicle along with $5,000 worth of heating and cooling tools. There was no suspect information.

Lincoln Park

Neighbors stop, turn in teenage paintball shooters

A car filled with teens shooting homes and a pedestrian with paint balls was stopped by angry victims the afternoon of May 3, and detained until officers arrived.

Multiple victims in the 1400 and 1300 block of O’Connor Avenue reported paintball damage to house siding, windows and screen doors. A 15-year-old boy was struck by a paintball on the back of his left leg, and by another on his right buttock.

The female driver and two teen boys, all minors, were taken into custody. Two female teen passengers who did not shoot paint balls were released to their parents. The 17-year-old teen who hit the pedestrian with paint balls was charged with disorderly conduct and turned over to a detention officer. The other two teens taken into custody were released to their parents, with orders to return to the police station with their parents to speak with detectives the next morning.

Other paintball damage was reported in the 1400 block of Philomene and the 1500 block of Warwick.


Batteries burgled

Five car batteries were stolen out of vehicles awaiting repair shortly before midnight June 3 at Dix Auto Clinic, 18809 Dix. The business owner noticed on June 4 that the battery was missing from the vehicle on which he was working, which prompted him to check other vehicles in the lot.

Surveillance video shows a white male with facial hair, driving a late model black Chevy Tahoe, pull into the lot and remove the car batteries from five vehicles: a 2004 Jeep Liberty, a 2006 Chevy Equinox, a 1999 Ford Ranger, a 2008 Ford Escape, and a 2003 Ford Escape. The license plate number of the thief’s vehicle was not visible in the surveillance video. The thief has been identified in similar thefts Downriver, and an alert has been issued to area police departments with the suspect’s name.

Back brace scam used for identity theft

A woman reported the afternoon of June 1 that a caller contacted her and said she was eligible for a free back brace through Medicare, and since she did have a condition requiring a brace, she gave the caller her physical dimensions needed to get a properly sized back brace. The caller then asked her if she had received her new Blue Cross Blue Shield card in the mail. When the woman said she had not, she provided her and her late husband’s Social Security numbers, and her address.

When she told her daughter about the incident, the daughter went online and discovered that this was a common scam used with the elderly to steal identity information. She was advised to put a flag on her Social Security number, driver’s license, and to contact credit bureaus.


Fraudulent fruit

Apple electronic products were fraudulently charged to a woman’s credit card at the Apple Partridge Creek store in Clinton Township. The woman said two purchases, for $123 and $500, were charged the afternoon of May 24 to her credit card. The woman said a Clinton Township police official directed her to file a report in her city of residence, and to give the report to her bank.

K9 helps Grosse Ile officers

Grosse Ile Township police officers asked for K9 assistance the night of May 29 when they stopped suspects in connection with a report of miscellaneous damage to property, found marijuana brownies in the vehicle and wanted to determine if any other illegal substances were present.

K9 Reno indicated the presence of marijuana in a backpack in the front driver’s seat. Inside, officers found a plastic cap and a vape pen used to smoke marijuana.


Identity documents stolen from unlocked car at business

A 62-year-old man who who left his unlocked car in front of Gigi Nails, 18865 Eureka, from 8 to 11 p.m. May 3 while he attended a meeting in the salon’s break room, said three credit cards, two driver’s licenses and a paper with a Social Security number on it were stolen from the car console. He was advised to notify the credit card companies, and to contact a Secretary of State office and the Social Security administration.

Fraudulent transactions posted to man’s credit card

A man reported that he noticed unauthorized transactions to his credit card May 7 when monitoring his transactions online. He said the the card was still in his possession, and he had not used it in a week. The credit card was used for a $103 grocery store transaction and an $18 gas station purchase. Other transactions were attempted but denied by the credit card company. The victim closed the account.


Uninvited ex

Officers were called to the 14300 block of Gage Street at 11:34 p.m. June 6 when a man entered his ex-girlfriend’s house uninvited. There was no physical confrontation, and the situation was resolved without an arrest.


Saturn damaged

A man living on Lafayette Drive reported the morning of May 6 that the rear driver’s side window on his white 2008 Saturn was cracked overnight while the vehicle was parked in front of his residence. There were no other vehicles in the immediate area that appeared to be damaged.

California Comcast con

A woman reported the evening of May 5 that a credit check showed that someone had fraudulently opened a Comcast account in her name in Sacramento, Calif., with a $497 bill past due. Comcast flagged the account and told her to file a police report.


Tripping trio

Officers were summoned to the area of 22nd Street and Antoine the afternoon of June 3 when residents reported three intoxicated people wandering nearby. One, a 34-year-old Wyandotte man, was standing in the middle of 22nd Street, clad only in black underwear, and sweating profusely. A 21-year-old Wyandotte woman was crawling down the sidewalk, while a 39-year-old woman was talking to city fire rescue personnel.

The man became angry without provocation, and was handcuffed for his own safety. The younger woman said they had been partying together the night before and had taken LSD together, and the older woman said she was the only one who had dropped acid before, which is why the others were “tripping hard.” The three were transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

A fourth person, a 50-year-old Riverview man, was found in the house where they had been partying earlier. He was found crawling through the house on his hands and knees, experiencing a psychotic episode. Paper, with suspected hits of LSD, and a plate with a powder, which later tested positive for cocaine, were in plain sight. The man was assessed by medics and cleared. He was then taken into custody for loitering where where drugs are kept or stored.

Woman on pills and vodka suspected of theft

Officers arrived at a house in the 600 block of Hudson Street at 3:55 a.m. June 3, where a 34-year-old Lincoln Park woman was pounding on the front door.

The resident, a 35-year-old Wyandotte woman, with whom she was acquainted years ago, said the woman woke her up earlier pounding on her door, and asked for a ride, saying she had just been released from the hospital, and had “taken a lot of drugs.”

The resident invited her in, and said that when she left the room at one point, $140 was missing from the counter when she returned, at which time she told the other woman to leave.

Officers searched the Lincoln Park woman’s purse, and did not find any money, but did find a half-empty bottle of vodka, which she said she “drank with her pills.” The woman emptied out her pockets, claiming she did not have the other woman’s money. She then said she had overdosed twice, and was presently working her way into a third overdose, and asked to be taken to the hospital.

She was cited for disorderly conduct and open intoxication, and transported to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.
(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)