Beaumont attacker released after serving sentence

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DEARBORN — The case of John Deliz, 57, is closed after he was released after serving the maximum 93 days in jail on misdemeanor assault and battery charges for his attack on a woman in the Beaumont, Dearborn, Emergency Room.

Deliz appeared in court for an evaluation hearing on May 14 where he reached the 93 day jail limit for his charge and was released.

Nineteenth District Court Judge Mark Somers said Deliz technically didn’t serve all 93 days because two days are reduced from jail time for every 10 days of good behavior.

He said the day limit was part of the way Deliz was charged for the incident at Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn.
At the probate court level, a prosecutor could make the claim that Deliz is a danger to himself or others and a petition could be filed.

Somers ordered the second evaluation April 25 after Deliz appeared in court coherently babbling. However, during both evaluations Deliz was found competent to stand trial.

“Mr. Deliz’s behavior is way different than the last time I saw him in court,” Somers said. “He was able to communicate with in court but clearly something changed while he was out of custody.”

Deliz was released on a $0 bond and a required to wear a GPS tether after he was a competency exam on April 17 found him competent to complete court proceedings.

Following his release, Deliz did not charge his GPS tether and was spotted by Dearborn residents walking around the city before he was arrested again on April 25.

Somers said that because Deliz already served 67 of his 93 days for his misdemeanor charge in custody he may be able to be released without health services if court proceedings exceed the time period.

Deliz was initially arrested and arraigned on assault and battery charges before Somers on Feb. 12.

The attack took place on Feb. 10 when Deliz approached an unidentified Dearborn woman from behind and hit her three times in the head, knocking her to the ground.

Hospital security video caught the attack and the aftermath when Beaumont employees can be seen pulling Deliz off of the woman wearing a blue hijab near the Emergency Room desk.

The woman was in the emergency room because of a possible broken jaw she had suffered from a fall earlier that day.

Attorney Majed Moughni filed the lawsuit against the hospital in Wayne County Circuit Court claiming negligence on its part for not having Deliz detained by security until police arrived.

Moughni said Deliz was admitted to the hospital for mental health issues after he stopped taking his medication before he was discharged. He also said his client suffered bruises to her face and is terrified as a result of the the attack.

Phone calls to Moughni were not returned by press time.

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