Taylor On Watch coordinators submit resignation


On behalf of the Taylor On Watch coordinators, we would like to formally submit a letter of resignation. After 3 years of campaigning, events, charities and promotions, We have collectively decided that the program is no longer what it once was, and is no longer serving its purpose to the citizens of Taylor. Our tireless efforts month after month, go unnoticed, are not taken seriously, and often overlooked.

This isn’t about recognition, so much as it is about lack of backing from the residents and officials. The program was never invited to participate in any parades or city events, even if they centered around the police department. When we hosted our own Trunk-or-Treat, we were then told to cease and desist, as we were taking away from the city’s Safe Halloween in Heritage Park. We were not even being invited to participate in that as well. We recognized that the event grew to a larger proportion than we anticipated, and had come up with some ground rules for the following year. Funny those same exact rules now apply to the Safe Halloween at Heritage Park.

Former Police Chief Mary Sclabassi had a vision for the program that we tirelessly tried to maintain. However, once she retired and the baton was passed, things were never the same. Our personalities, and our duties were assumed to be that of the vigilante type and we were chastised by Chief Blair and Lieutenant Chicko. Neither one of them had any idea of how we had been running the program for the past three years, and once it was explained to them, we were told that this program would not get any more than an hour a month of the lieutenant’s time, and we could only meet with him during his work schedule. We went from having one-on-one contact with the police chief virtually any time, to never hearing from or seeing our current chief, and being instructed that we would only be able to contact Lieutenant Chicko through email.

City officials stopped backing our program after the previous election, and we never saw any interest from them until campaign time came around again. Certain candidates were looking to attach themselves to our program in an effort to boost their votes.

After three years, many postings in the local media, Taylor Today (an entire issue dedicated to the Watch), fliers, social media promotions, specialty signs for neighborhoods, billboards and the local access community channel, enrollment and interest was at an all-time high before Sclabassi retired. Now, with the lack of meetings or events, most participants have lost interest.

We cannot be expected to continue to expend our personal time, away from our families, if it is not reciprocated.

In closing, we would like to thank the volunteers, block captains and participants who have been with us through everything. You helped make the program what it was.

To Lieutenant Chicko, we thank you for the time that you did give us, and the efforts you have made thus far, we just do not feel as if this program can continue as a part time program.

Thank you.

Amy Atwood
Lisa Garrett
Lisa Maze
Taylor on Watch Coordinators