Police arrest man after fight breaks out at Fairlane Town Center

Police responded to Fairlane Town Center, 18900 Michigan Ave., Jan. 16 on a report a fight outside JCPenney.

Once at the mall, officers began breaking up the group of men fighting near the entrance of the store. After police asked the group to stop fighting one of the men fled and damaged a nearby wall. Another man in the fight told police that the man who fled started the fight when he verbally insulted hte man’s brother and him then attempted to attack them.

Officers arrested the man for failing to obey and transported him to the Dearborn Police Department for booking. No injuries were reported.


$4,000 in cash stolen during home invasion

Police were called to a house in the 24400 block of Hopkins Jan. 8 for a break-in resulting in stolen money and jewelry.

The vicim said his girlfriend left the house at 4 a.m. and when he returned just after 9 a.m. the front door had been damaged. Officers observed the pry marks on the front door and broken molding. The victim told officers that $4,000 in cash was stolen from the bedroom dresser and a jewelry box with gold rings and watch also were missing.

Investigators were able to find and lift fingerprints on the dresser as evidence. There is no suspect information.


He-said, she-said road rage incident

Officers were dispatched to the Melvindale Police Department parking lot the evening of Jan. 20, where a man in a blue Chrysler 200 and a woman in a white Ford Taurus offered different accounts of a road rage incident.

The man said he was merging onto I-94 from Telegraph when the Taurus drove up behind him and threw something at the passenger side of his vehicle. He said he threw a water bottle back in retaliation. He then drove to the Melvindale police station to file a report, with the driver of the Taurus following him.

The woman said she was merging onto I-94 at Telegraph and was in front of the Chrysler 200 when the driver veered toward her and tried to get in front of her, then threw a water bottle at her, which splashed inside the car since her windows were open.

The officers advised them that if they wished to file a report, the would have to follow up with Taylor police, where the incident occurred. They were told to disperse, and officers watched them leave in different directions.


Broken bay window reported

A resident in the 15000 block of Poplar went into the police station in the early morning hours of Jan. 21 to report a broken bay window on her house, and showed the officer photos of the damage using her cell phone. She said she found a ceramic bowl on the lawn below the broken window, which she believes was used to cause the damage. She said she discovered the broken window the afternoon of Jan. 20 shortly before she left for work.


Starbucks funny money

A manager at Starbucks, 23402 Eureka, reported the afternoon of Jan. 23 that a counterfeit $20 bill was passed Jan. 22 at the shop. She said she noticed the bill when counting money during closing, noting that the bill’s color seemed off and it lacked a security band. Officers took the counterfeit bill and logged it in as evidence.


Semi brings down power lines

A semi-tractor trailer brought down a power line the afternoon of Jan. 16 at the intersection of Toledo Avenue and Lathrop Road. The truck driver said he was traveling south on Lathrop, headed to Trenton Forging, on Hoover, when he turned onto Toledo Avenue, realizing too late it was a dead end street. When he attempted to turn around, he said he struck the power lines with his truck. The driver was cited for driving his truck on a prohibited route.

A witness on Toledo Avenue said when the power line was ripped from his house, a section of siding was torn off as well.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)