City of Taylor separates from TASKK animal group

Volunteers sought for dog walking

TAYLOR — The city has separated from the Volunteers of the Taylor Animal Shelter (commonly referred to as TASKK), an animal support group. City officials cited “constant differences of opinion and disagreements between the group and staff” as the reason for the break.

Over the past weekend, conflicts developed between key members of TASKK and city staff, which caused the administration to re-evaluate its relationship with volunteer organizations as a whole, and TASKK in particular.

“Previously, members of TASKK have disagreed too often over operations and procedures within the facility, and have clearly overstepped their bounds,” a city press release stated. “This is not the first time difficulties have arisen from such conflicts.”

“We have one focus at the animal shelter, and that is the well-being of the animals in our care,” Mayor Rick Sollars said. “While our shelter staff and TASKK often share that goal, conflicts between staffers and these types of groups can often deter from the our main focus, and interfere with operations at the facility.

“I want to thank the volunteers from TASKK for all the help that they have provided to date. This decision has been made for the greater good of the Taylor Animal Shelter. I am disappointed that some members continue to be misleading on social media outlets.

“We will continue to keep the needs of the animals as our primary focus. Over the past four years, we have made great improvements to the shelter. This is a blueprint that we will continue to follow.”

Contrary to some reports on social media, this separation will have no effect on the well-being of the animals in the shelter, whose care has always been the responsibility of a full-time staff at the facility, according to the press release.

The city will continue to welcome individual volunteers and monetary donations aimed at supporting animals housed in the facility. The city is in need of volunteers to assist with dog walking.

The Taylor Animal Shelter, 25555 Northline Road, is a no-kill-for-adoptables facility. Various improvements have been made to the facility over the past four years, including interior renovations and exterior, fenced “dog runs” where the animals can exercise. Department of Public Services is in the process of re-examining all aspects of its operation.

The shelter services the cities of Taylor, Lincoln Park and Riverview.