Lincoln Park proclaims Nov. 17 ‘Bob Seger Day’

LINCOLN PARK — Mayor Thomas Karnes declared Nov. 17 “Bob Seger Day” in honor of the release of the singer’s latest album “I Knew You When.”

Seger spent his early childhood in Lincoln Park before he and his family moved to Ann Arbor. “I Knew You When” is the 18th studio album released by the legendary singer since he began his musical career in 1961.

According to the proclamation, “Bob Seger has been and will always be Lincoln Park’s favorite son. His songs have touched the heart of the city since his early appearances at the Lincoln Park Show and Bandshell. It can truly be said that Lincoln Park knew him when.”

“Bob Seger and his accomplishments are representative of the spirit found in the city of Lincoln Park and serve as reminder of what can be achieved by an individual that works hard and hones his or her talents,” Karnes said. “Hopefully there is a student right now in Lincoln Park High School that is ready to become the next Bob Seger and showcase his or her talents for the world to see.”

Karnes said he has reached out to Seger’s representatives to inquire about the possibility of a future date that the singer can come back to Lincoln Park and be honored for his accomplishments.

The city already has honored the ground-breaking rock group MC5 as well as artist and animator Bill Morrison, for their contributions to their industries.

Seger’s new album went on sale Nov. 17.