Southgate returns Denman to council

Incumbent Rollet 100 votes shy of re-election

Sunday Times Newspapers

SOUTHGATE – Incumbent Councilman Christopher Rollet lost his re-election bid by 100 votes, with past City Councilwoman Sheryl Denman winning re-election, and a city charter amendment approved by 60 percent of voters.

Also returning to the council are John Graziani, Mark Farrah, Karen E. George, Bill Colovos, Dale Zamecki and Phillip J. Rauch.

Denman, who also has served as city treasurer, said she appreciated voters expressing confidence in her and her goal is to not disappoint them.

She said a balanced budget remains her top priority.

“The administration has been doing a good job on that,” she said. “One of the exciting things is the millage for the parks passed also.”

She said she is eager to see upgrades to neighborhood parks.

“Obviously we want young people in our city, and we need to do things to attract them,” she said.

She said Rollet, who has always been involved in the community, will hopefully find a commission role to fill.

“He’s a very nice man, and actually I am sorry that he didn’t get on because I like working with Chris,” she said. “He is a great asset to the community and I am sure he will probably be appointed to a commission. I wish him the best and hope he continues to be involved, which I know he will.”

Rollet said he would not ask for a recount, and he would consider sitting on a commission, but hasn’t talked to the mayor yet.

“This was my last time to run anyways, and I had already decided, whether I won or lost, this was the last time,” Rollet said. “So I will probably serve on a commission, but that is up to the mayor to decide.”

Rollet said he would like to serve on the planning commission, but will serve wherever he feels he is needed.

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