O’Reilly re-elected in Dearborn; council gains 2 new faces

Photo by Zeinab Najm Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. (right) watches as results for the general election are revealed on Nov. 7 as his wife Christina O’Reilly and other supporters celebrate.

Photo by Zeinab Najm
Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. (right) watches as results for the general election are revealed on Nov. 7 as his wife Christina O’Reilly and other supporters celebrate.

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DEARBORN — Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. will remain at his position after defeating challenger Council President Pro-Tem Thomas Tafelski in the general election on Nov 7.

O’Reilly, 69, received 10,999 voes (57.1 percent) and Tafelski, 47, finished with 8,218 votes (42.66 percent).

“I’m excited and thrilled to get at it again and thankful for the support from the community and family,” O’Reilly said. “The residents made a choice and that’s what it’s about, when the majority says this is our choice we have to go with it. One Dearborn is what I have always worked toward and I really meant it, we can continue being the shining light on the hill. We are in a great position going forward because everyone is in this together.”

The City Council will have two new faces come January with Erin Byrnes and Leslie Herrick winning seats. They will join the five council incumbents — Robert Abraham, David Bazzy, Susan Dabaja, Brian O’Donnell and Michael Sareini — who were re-elected.

Dabaja will remain president by receiving the most votes at 11,701, Sareini received 10,983 votes and will become council president pro-tem, Bazzy followed with 9,169 votes, Abraham received 8,931 votes, Byrnes received 8,727 votes and Herrick received 8,191 votes.

“I am humbled and honored to serve my third term, and by the broad support across the city of Dearborn,” Bazzy said. “I stay committed to the core values of this wonderful community, of family, neighborhoods, public safety, and a thriving business sector.

“I will work every day to make sure we are improving each of these areas, and always stay accessible to the needs of both our citizens and our businesses. Thank you one and all for your continued support.”

“The 2017 election was exciting, as usual in Dearborn,” Abraham said. “I am honored to serve Dearborn through 2021. I am looking forward to working with the incumbents and newly elected officials.

“Dearborn deserves good, honest, hardworking and experienced leadership. They received that on Tuesday and will continue to see the benefits in the future. Thank you to everyone that voted and helped all the candidates throughout the election.”

“I am humbled by the support I received on election day, and look forward to serving our city with enthusiasm and integrity,” Byrnes said. “Conversations with people at their doorsteps and meetings with community groups will serve as my road map moving forward. I am ready to get to work on behalf of every Dearborn resident.”

Candidates who missed the cut were Regan Ford with 8,027 votes, Ken Paris with 7,010 votes, Sharon Dulmage with 6,042 votes, Sean Green with 4,673 votes, Nada Al-Hanooti with 4,209 votes, Fayrouz Bazzi with 3,985 votes and Ramez Haidar with 3,966 votes.

Former state Rep. George Darany won the city clerk seat after receiving 12,749 votes with challenger Nofila Haider receiving 5,293 votes.

“It is gratifying to know that the people I have served for years in other elected positions felt they could trust me with the great responsibility of being their city clerk,” Darany said. “I am so grateful for their support, and I can’t wait to get to work on their behalf. I will make sure that the clerk’s office operates with transparency, efficiency and integrity to provide the excellent service that the people of Dearborn expect and deserve.”

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