Letter to the Editor: Don’t stop talking about gun control


I’m on my soapbox again. Pretty much about the same thing, “gun control.”

We have set another record. We beat last year’s massacre in Florida with the Vegas shooting. My prayers are with all of the victims and their families. Believe me, you never forget or get over it. You may have heard some politicians say, “This is not the time to discuss gun control.” When is the time? I say, “It’s the perfect time.”

After a few months we put it out of our minds, or on the back burner. We just get distracted.

I’ve heard a lot of arguments against gun control. For instance, “I have a right to own and carry a gun,” “Criminals will get them anyway,” etc. I’m not debating any of those arguments. I will say, we have lawmakers and attorneys that can write a bill protecting “all” of our rights. Our right to live and feel safe.

You may ask, “What can I do?” First, don’t stop talking about it. Write or call our elected officials and let them know how you feel. They will listen if you are persistent. They have a lot to lose. Remind them that you do vote. Your vote does count. Use your computer for something good. Just do something. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Patty Hall
Melvindale Public Safety commissioner