Heights will accept proposals for vacant Canfield Arena

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — The City Council will start accepting proposals for the closed Canfield Arena, 2100 Kinloch.

An agreement was reached by the council members during a Sept. 19 special meeting where anyone interested in the arena can submit a business and financial plan to the city.

During the meeting, Mayor Daniel Paletko said HYPE Athletics and Elite Sports Training have shown interest in the facility.

“In order to allow a fair process, we are going to start the request for proposal process and see what kind of interest there is,” he said. “The center is an important place for the youth in our city and the area.”

Tenants planning to lease the arena from the city will have to bring the 45-year-old building up to code.

In May, the arena was forced to close after rust, rodents, electrical and exit issues were found by city inspectors.

The former Canfield LLC tenant was late on payments of $15,000 a year since August 2016 and vacated the building in June.

Submissions and proposals will begin in October if the city council formally approves it during the Oct. 10 meeting. After 30 days, the council will select the three best proposals and then select a final proposal to award a bid.

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