Request for halal slaughterhouse in Melvindale denied

Businessman has a beef with city council

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – The City Council denied businessman Abdul Almousouv’s request to open a halal slaughterhouse at 2560 Oakwood Blvd. Sept. 6, citing the potential smell and its proximity to a residential neighborhood.

Building Official Bradley Burns told the city council that while city ordinances strictly forbid any type of slaughterhouse, an appeal may be made to the city council.

The building is a former independent pet food store.

Almousouv said he hoped to have live chicken and poultry.

“There are a lot of residents in Melvindale that come all the way to Dearborn or wherever the nearest place is to get their live chicken,” he said. “So I thought it would be a benefit to the citizens just to open up one there.”

Almousouv said concerns about smell could be addressed.

“You can get sanitation, you can get systems in place to remove the smell and make it not as bad or almost unnoticeable,” he said. “I thought Oakwood would be a good place because it is a main street.”

Mayor Stacy Bazman said residents has told her that they were concerned about noise, carcas disposal and the potential smell.

Almousouv said halal butcher shops in Dearborn and Detroit had, to his knowledge, not received any complaints from neighbors.

“There are always ways around the cleanliness and sanitation as long as you have your systems in place and you take the right actions,” Almousouv said.

He said he would be open to other locations within the city for a slaughterhouse.

Councilwoman Michelle Land asked whether a department of health or agriculture would be involved in any step of the approval process.

Bazman said neither keeping livestock nor the slaughter of animals was allowed in the city.

City Attorney Lawrence Coogan told Almousouv that the city council does not seem inclined to approve his request, and there is an ordinance strictly forbidding what he wants to do.

The council unanimously concurred with the Building Department official’s recommendation to concur with the city ordinance prohibiting the presence of a slaughterhouse.

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