Taylor street repairs, water main restorations to run through September

For the Sunday Times

TAYLOR — The city has contracted with Fiore Enterprises and Al’s Asphalt Paving to make street and sidewalk repairs, and water main break restorations at various locations.

Work is scheduled to begin the week of Aug. 28. The repair and restoration work is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 29. The contractors will give notification at least seven days before removal work is to begin at each locations.

The work will begin with saw cutting the sections to be removed, followed by pavement removal, base preparation, drainage structure adjustment and repair, placing and curing concrete or asphalt. Working hours will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

Where repair areas cover the width of the street, the road will be worked on one-half at a time to allow traffic to continue during and after working hours. After the concrete has cured for a minimum of five to seven days, work will begin on the other half of the street.

Due to the extent of some of the street repair areas, residents may lose access to the front or side of their property when work is being performed in front of or next door to their property, or on the opposite side of the street. Residents are advised to park in other locations for their own convenience, and so that the work can be performed in a safe and timely manner.

Trash pickup will continue on the regularly scheduled day. Continue to place the trash receptacles at curbside on the opposite side of the street that work is taking place on, or at the center of the street next to a repair area.

Questions should be directed to City Engineer Greg Mayhew at 734-374-1473 or gmayhew@ci.taylor.mi.us.

Concrete pavement repair and water main break concrete restoration
• Walnut — Harold to Felrath / local street/storm sewer
• 20724 Lockwood / local street/storm sewer
• 22202 David / local street/storm sewer
• 11636 Ran / local street/storm sewer
• 8214 Robert / local street/storm sewer
• 24653 Oriole / local street/storm sewer
• SE Corner Mercier and McGuire / local street/storm sewer
• 10355 Gulley / local street/storm sewer
• 27182 Beverly / local street/storm sewer
• 9792 Lincoln Ct. / local street/storm sewer
• 14668 Jackson / local street/storm sewer
• 8232 Weddell / local street
• 15116 Gage / local street
• 5917 Dudley / water main repair/restore
• 6761 Polk / water main repair/restore
• 6763 Bur / water main repair/restore
• 7510 Mayfair / water main repair/restore
• 9345 Lincoln / water main repair/restore
• 11646 Golfcrest / water main repair/restore
• 20212 Lorne / water main repair/restore
• 22172 Brian / water main repair/restore
• 22711 Hayes / water main repair/restore
• 26803 Wick / water main repair/restore
• 20956 Wick / water main repair/restore

Asphalt pavement repair and water main break restoration
• Baraga N. of Goddard / local street repair
• 15060 Monroe / water main repair/restore
• 15430 Cooper / water main repair/restore
• 21159 Goddard / water main repair/restore
• 23108 Kensington / water main repair/restore
• S Bound Monroe, S of Charles / water main repair/restore
• SW Corner Birch and Koths / water main repair/restore
• 26831 Haig / water main repair/restore
• 11340 Polk / water main repair/restore
• 23860 Northline / water main repair/restore
• 6855 Buck / water main repair/restore