Judge returns Miller to Taylor School Board

Ronald Miller

Ronald Miller

Meyers’ votes while on board will stand

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – Ronald Miller will return to his school board seat after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Columbo ruled in his favor July 27 following a recount by the County Board of Canvassers.

Taylor School District Supt. Ben Williams said that effective July 27 the judge’s order removed David Meyers from the board and inserted Miller. The order indicated that last fall’s count was incorrect and confirmed the Board of Canvassers’ July 11 recount.

Williams said board members have been removed for other reasons in the past – such as moving out of the district or resignation – and there is case law that supports that all prior votes and decisions stand as cast.

“A board member, in this case Dave, who cast votes in good faith on action items, those all stand,” Williams said. “I think that was on the mind of a lot of people – would the board have to revisit various things.

David Meyers

David Meyers

“According to our school board attorney as well as the Michigan Association of School Boards chief legal counsel, there is tons of case law to say that all that stuff stands as cast and as voted on.”

Williams said the judge’s ruling makes for a very straight-forward transitional process.

Williams said that after talking to Miller, it was the district’s plan to swear him in Aug. 14 at the next regularly scheduled board meeting, provided a judge is available.

“In this case, the swearing in is purely ceremonial,” Williams said. “Ron Miller is a full-fledged board member automatically as of today. He is able to act should he need to cast a vote.”

He said once he received the judge’s order he talked to Miller and Meyers, the rest of the board and the legal counsel, and had the school board website updated.

“We are in the process of editing the things internally as a district to reflect the most current information,” Williams said.

Williams said the process has been a challenge for Miller and Meyers.

“I think neither of these gentlemen wanted to go through this or certainly see it drag on this long,” he said. “I think closure is good. So while both don’t necessarily agree with the outcome – one does and I am sure one doesn’t – the good news is there is closure.

“The closure means we — the board and the district — can get back to the business of focusing on teaching and learning and doing what’s best for kids, and those are the priorities of the district.”

Williams said Miller was on the board that hired him a year ago, and he enjoyed the six months he worked with him. He also said he enjoyed the seven months he worked with Meyers.

“Both guys have done a nice job, at least in my short time in the district, as board members, and it is unfortunate that this whole election mess had to occur,” Williams said. “I think everyone in the district, regardless of the opinion of the outcome here is just happy that it is final and that there is closure now.”

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