Road projects, construction schedule confirmed for spring and summer

Water mains, sewer replacement majority of focus

DEARBORN – Michiganders like to joke that construction projects on roads around the state each spring is actually the start of “orange barrel season.”

This summer will be no different in Dearborn.

The city has updated its schedule for road projects and construction for this season.

Most of the renovations include water main replacements and ongoing combined sewer overflow sewer separation projects.

Two of the CSO projects started in February. The first, near Heritage Parkway, should be completed by July, while the landscaping and sod replacement should be completed by September.

The second, which includes Ternes Street from Ford Road to Alber Street; Alber Street from Mead to Chase; and Colson from Greenfield to Palmer; should be finished by August.

A third CSO project will last through November, on the city’s west side. Those streets are:

• Fairway Drive from Gulley to Fairway Court.
• Whittier Place from Winchester to Fairway Drive.
• Cambridge Street from Winchester to Fairway Drive.
• Woodcroft Street from Michigan Avenue to Riverdale Street.
• Riverdale Street from Whittier Place to Winchester.

And finally, the last CSO project will last until November 2018. Those streets include Yinger from Warren to Donald, and on Donald from Yinger to Chase. Work also included large diameter sewer construction within the Ford Woods Park. Part of Ford Woods Park will remain closed this year for the CSO project and swimming pool replacement.

As for water main replacement and resurfacing projects, those started in late March. One of those areas is near the Hemlock Park neighborhood:

• Calhoun from Hemlock to Warren.
• Bingham from Hemlock to Warren.
• Jonathan from Hemlock to Warren.
• Reuter from Paul to Warren.

Another area will be in the Springwells Park neighborhood near Rotunda and Greenfield. Those streets are:  Abington Lane,  Adams Lane,  Amherst Lane, Berwick Lane, Duxbury Lane, Clinton Lane, Byfield Lane, Woodbury Lane, Woodland Drive, Windham Lane and Wiscasset Road.

There is also water main replacement and reconstruction on Lapeer Street from Wyoming Street to Amazon Street that will be completed by July.

There are two asphalt resurfacing projects that will be started and finished this summer that include Schaefer from Michigan Avenue to the railroad, and on Prospect Street from Schaefer to the bend.

Additionally, pavement and sidewalk repair will take place throughout the city in 2017. The contractor will be replacing more than 700 concrete panels.

Some of the roads within the city limit such as Greenfield Road, Rotunda Drive, Warren Avenue, Outer Drive, Tireman Avenue, Oakwood Boulevard, Miller Road, Hubbard Drive, Michigan Avenue, Ford Road, and Telegraph are under the jurisdiction of Wayne County and the Michigan Department of Transportation. Therefore, the city has no maintenance or repair responsibilities for these roads.

City roads chosen for repair are based on “PASER Rating” evaluations. The scale for PASER Rating spans from 1 to 10, 1 being that the road surface is deteriorated and 10 being in great shape.

For more information on road construction projects, click here, or call the Engineering Division at 313-943-2145.