Police Blotter for May 7


Senior serial swearer

A woman in the 14700 block of Morris called police to complain of an elderly neighbor who she said sits on her porch and repeatedly yells obscenities at her and her children. The complainant said she has recordings of the neighbor sitting in a lawn chair, facing her house, antagonizing them verbally. The police have multiple disturbance of the peace reports. “I am 83 years old and can do what I want,” the accused told police. “Give me a citation if you want.” A citation was filed, and the incident will be addressed in court.

Umpire’s repeated reckless driving damages park grass

The Parks and Recreation director filed a police report against a 52-year-old Romulus man whom a city employee saw driving his 2004 green Jeep Cherokee recklessly from the high school parking lot to the baseball diamond using the walk path, damaging the grass. The person also allegedly drove on the grass south of the Pelham parking lot to gain access.

The person, an umpire for girls softball, allegedly drove on the field when children and adults were in the area. The director said the person allegedly has caused $15,000 in damage to the landscaping in the past year, and his actions need to stop. The parks and recreation director has sought to get the individual banned from umpiring and plans to pursue charges for reckless driving. The offender’s vehicle license plate number and vehicle description were turned over to the police detective bureau.


Police arrest man for pulling fire alarm

Police were called to an apartment in the 22200 block of Michigan Avenue after the fire alarm was pulled inside the building on April 29.

The woman said that she lives in the apartment with her boyfriend and that her brother was visiting from Tennessee when they got into an argument. While playing a basketball video game, the brother and boyfriend made a $20 bet and when the woman’s boyfriend refused to pay.

The woman’s boyfriend “bear hugged” the brother to avoid being struck and then left the building for a walk. After, the woman and her brother went to a friend’s apartment on the second floor and went back to her apartment because she forgot her phone. When the woman returned to her apartment and found her brother inside. The brother was in the hallway yelling and saying that he wanted to kill his sister’s boyfriend.

The brother went downstairs and pulled the fire alarm near the first floor but the woman failed to stop the alarm. The boyfriend left the area and did not return.

When officers arrived on the scene, they reviewed surveillance footage that confirmed that the brother pulled the fire alarm.

Police were told by the brother that the boyfriend choked him, ripped his shirt, punched him in the face and said a gun was pointed at him. He later said the boyfriend did not point a gun at him.

The brother was arrested and became belligerent en route to the police station. He was placed under a $500 for false fire alarm.

Man cited for operating while intoxicated

A report of a vehicle on the lawn of a house in the 19500 block of Outer Drive following an accident was called in to police April 23.

Once on the scene, police observed the red 1997 Ford Ranger which rolled over several times before stopping. The driver told officers that he was driving home and did not know what happened. He also stated that he had four beers that night before driving.

While speaking with the driver, police detected intoxicants on the man’s breath and a head laceration.

First responders transported the man to Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn of his injuries where blood was taken as evidence after a warrant was approved by 19th District Judge Mark Somers.

A background check of the man’s record revealed a prior conviction for operating while intoxicated. He was cited for his second operating while intoxicated incident.


Two men caught stealing items from Home Depot

Police responded to Home Depot, 25451 Michigan Ave., April 15 after two men attempted to steal $1,500 in merchandise.

The men entered the store, selected three doors, lumber, a lawnmower and piping, and placed them on their carts. They then exited the store without paying and then placed the items in their trailer. Loss Prevention Officers stopped the driver in the parking lot and took him into custody. The other man re-entered the store and filled another cart of merchandise which attempted to steal but was stopped by the LPO. The LPO took the second man into custody and called police who arrested both men for retail fraud.

Thousands in jewelry, cash stolen during break-in

A woman living in the 6900 block of Town Lane called police to her house April 20 after she noticed her jewelry box and cash missing.

She said that while she was shopping, her house was ransacked and items valued at more than $10,000 were stolen. After checking the house, $8,000 in gold was taken from the jewelry box and $2,500 in cash was also missing. The woman told police she locked the doors but left a window at the house cracked open while she was shopping.

There is no suspect information.


Moped driver drunk

Police arrested a 58-year-old Melvindale man at 12:36 a.m. April 30 for driving a moped under the influence of alcohol. The man, whose license was expired, had three prior offenses for operating while impaired.

Officers saw the man run a stop sign on westbound Outer Drive near Roger Street, and saw that he was unsteady to the point of almost falling over, and unable to stay in a straight line in his lane. When stopped, he smelled of intoxicants and failed field sobriety tests. He told officers he had consumed an unknown amount of tequila before leaving home, but did not believe he was drunk.

A preliminary breath test was administered, and he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.178, more than two times the 0.08 limit for legally drunk in Michigan. His moped was forfeited and impounded, and he was taken into custody.


iPad anonymously turned in at police station

A person anonymously turned in an Apple iPad Mini April 29 that he said he found at Chase Bank, 17800 Fort St.  A police sergeant contacted Apple Customer Service and local Sprint service carriers in an unsuccessful attempt to locate the owner through the serial number. The iPad is being stored in the station property room for safekeeping.

License plate missing after crash

A Riverview resident reported to police April 26 that the license plate from his 2004 Ford Ranger was lost or stolen after a crash in Brownstown Township. The vehicle, which was taken to Martin Towing, 17810 Dix Toledo in Brownstown Township, after the crash, was declared a total loss by his insurance company. The plate was entered as missing in the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Illegal alien deported for drunken driving

A 21-year-old Mexican man who admitted he was in the United States illegally was taken into custody about 3:30 a.m. April 30 for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The officer observed him weaving in and out of the lanes of travel on Fort Street south of Sibley. Border patrol officers took the man into custody, and his 2005 Chrysler 300 was impounded.

Rotors, motors stolen

A man who rents storage space in a back lot of Hawkins Steel Cartage, 17800 W. Jefferson, reported May 2 the theft of 10 large brake rotors, eight small motors and a propeller. He said he experienced a similar theft last June, at which time he fought with an intruder before he ran off. The theft victim said he plans to set up a trail cam to capture an image of any future thieves.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm and Sue Suchyta.)