Henry Ford Village staff celebrate career milestone anniversaries

Photo courtesy of Henry Ford Village
Henry Ford Village employees received milestone anniversary awards at a recognition luncheon in their honor. Receiving plaques are: Myra McInerney (front row left), Irene Prentice, Mary Jo Breznai, Jana Kelly, Maria Anghel, Kamle Fawaz, Mary Miller, Marcela Cantanas, Kimberly Saleske (back row left), Tina McGee-Leigh, Zachary Stampley, Jemese Gleton, Wisam Ibrahim, Oneitha Meeks, and Anthony Page.

Photo courtesy of Henry Ford Village
Kim Saleske (left), general services coordinator of Reoccupation and Renovation receives her 20-year anniversary plaque from Executive Director Bruce Blalock.

DEARBORN — There are jobs, and then there are careers. At Henry Ford Village, employees do not simply punch in, punch out, and collect their paychecks. Rather, they become part of a team dedicated to creating a dynamic and convenient lifestyle for the hundreds of residents who make the community home.

Recently, the Village held a recognition luncheon to honor those team members who are celebrating their 10-, 15-, and 20-year anniversaries serving the community. Staff members, along with family members of the honorees, gathered in the facility’s Great Lakes restaurant to praise the achievements of these committed individuals.

“For our employees, this is more than a job, it’s a passion,” Village Executive Director Bruce Blalock said. “They care deeply about their work, they take great pride in providing extraordinary service, and they have a love for the unique people that make the village home.”

Myra McInerney is one those passionate employees who was honored for her 20th year of service. Currently the Community Activities lead coordinator, she has previously held positions as Wellness coordinator and Community Resources manager.

“It is all about the residents,” McInerney said. “I learn so much from them and am a better person for having worked here.”

Her role has her working closely with the residents and facilitating their interests through programs and activities.

“Overall, we just have a lot of fun,” she said.

Kim Saleske, general services coordinator of Reoccupation and Renovation, helps ensure new residents move seamlessly into their homes. Saleske also hit her 20-year milestone, but has taken on a varied set of roles on the way to her current position.

At just 17 years old, Saleske began serving residents as a waitress in the dining room. She then moved on to a front desk job before becoming general services coordinator of Housekeeping, and eventually taking her current role in 2014.

“I really love working for the residents,” Saleske said. “I feel like I am part of a big family here.”

Family is a word commonly used by both the staff and residents at the Village. Those who choose to develop careers there do so because caring and nurturing are what drives them.

“Our staff makes this an amazing place to work and I am proud to be a part of the team,” Blalock said. “I look forward to the coming years as we work to create an even stronger organization that excels at serving our residents.”

Milestone Anniversary Honorees

20-Year Anniversary
Maria Anghel
Mary Jo Breznai
Marcela Cantanas
Myra McInerney
Kimberly Saleske

15-Year Anniversary
Jemese Gleton
Jana Kelly
Marlette Lanell
Tina McGee-Leigh
Oneithia Meeks
Mary Miller
Irene Prentice
Zachary Stampley
Audrey Tuff

10-Year Anniversary
Kamle Fawaz
Deborah Galvin
Wisam Ibrahim
Anthony Page
Hala Rkain
Louis Wright