Robots will battle in Dearborn!

Photo courtesy of the Dearborn Public Schools
Members of the McU-Bots team display the robot they built and programmed in only six weeks. The team earned a fifth place finish, out of 36 teams competing, in Howell last December.

FIRST FTC Competition to be held May 13 at McCollough Unis School

Up to 25 teams from across the state and region will take part in the For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Tech Challenge Robotics Competition May 13 at McCollough Unis School, 7801 Maple St.

Competition is scheduled to begin about 11 a.m.

FIRST Tech Challenge is a student-centered activity that provides students with the opportunity to work in teams and participate in a game that requires them to design, build, test, and program autonomous and driver-operated robots that must perform a series of tasks.

The robotics competition will pit teams against each other in the Velocity Vortex Competition and will be a post-season match with judging, scoring and awards but without advancement. Each match takes place on a designated field of play, and teams earn points by having their robots overcome obstacles and meet challenges.

The team from McCollough Unis, the McU-Bots, are gearing up to host this event.

“We’re very excited to be hosting this event,” said Kidada Simmons, teacher and McU-Bots coach. “Our team, the students at McCollough Unis, many parents, and our staff are all pitching in and putting in the extra hours needed to make sure all the details are in place and the school is ready to go on May 13.”

The McU-Bots started in the fall of 2015 and walked away with a fifth place finish in their second season of competition.

Participation in FTC Robotics competition allows student scientist/engineers in the Dearborn Public Schools to apply the Michigan’s Science Standards in an extracurricular activity.

Students also develop a greater appreciation of science and technology and how they might use that knowledge to impact the world around them in a positive manner. Working as a team helps to build life skills such as planning, brainstorming, creative problem-solving, and collaboration.

Anyone interested in working at the event can contact Simmons at 313-827-8050 or go to to volunteer or get more information on the event.

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