Woman attempts to steal $1,200 in beauty cosmetics

Police were called to JCPenney in Fairlane Town Center, 18900 Michigan Ave., April 23 on a report of a woman who was being held by security for retail fraud.
Once officers arrived on the scene, the Loss Prevention Officer said he watched the woman walk in the store with an empty purse. She then selected a large number of items from the Sephora department and concealed them in her purse. She then attempted to leave the store passing all cash registers without paying for the beauty supply merchandise.
A LPO confronted the woman, retrieved the 49 items valued at $1,255, took her into custody and contacted police. She told police she took the items “because she lost her job and needed it for money.”
Police arrested the woman for retail fraud. A background check revealed a prior retail fraud.
Security video footage was given to officers as evidence.

Police stop man for window tint, arrest him for open intoxication

While on patrol in the area of Mercury Drive and Paul April 24, police observed a vehicle with a tint on the driver’s window.
A check of the 2002 tan Ford Explorer revealed the registered driver had an expire driver’s license. A traffic stop was conducted for the violations.
When officers made contact with the driver, he said he had a suspended license. During an inventory search of the vehicle, police found two Remy Martin liquor bottles behind the center console. The driver was arrested but would not comply with officers during the booking process at the Police Department.
He was placed under a $1,500 bond for open intoxication, driving with a suspended license and refusing book. He also was cited for defective equipment and no proof of insurance.


Man caught stealing two batteries from Home Depot

Police were called to Home Depot, 25451 Michigan Ave., just after 9:30 a.m. April 12 when a man left the store with two car batteries.
The Loss Prevention Officer told police the man selected two car batteries and then walked toward the exit without paying. After he was stopped by the LPO, the items, valued at $300, were recovered and the man was held at the security office.
Officers arrested the man and transported him to the Police Department.

Woman throws drink, flees Taco Bell drive-through

Employees at Taco Bell, 8112 Telegraph Road, contacted police about 11 p.m. April 16 after a woman who became upset about her order threw her drink while in the drive-through.
Once on the scene, police were told that the woman ordered her meal but asked for a refund because of the amount of meat on the meal. While the manager issued a refund, the woman took her soft drink and threw it at the employees through the drive-through window.
She then fled at in her 2004 Chevrolet Impala. Police conducted a license plate check of the vehicle which revealed the owner’s identity which matched the woman at the restaurant.
The woman was not located following the incident but the restaurant manager said charges would be filed if she was found.
    (Compiled by Zeinab Najm.)