5 officers injured, teens arrested in Taylor carnival melee

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – One police officer will reportedly be out of work for some time after he and four other officers were injured in a brawl April 22 at a carnival in the Southand Mall parking lot.

Police were called when teens began fighting. When police arrived, the teens reportedly started attacking them. Five officers were injured, with one more severely.

Police identified one Taylor teenager as a suspect and the remaining teenagers were from Romulus and Inkster. They were transferred to a juvenile facility.

According to one resident, the fight erupted when a teen killed a Canada goose and there was mention of a gun. The teens reportedly started fighting among themselves and then embattled officers when they arrived.

“These kids are just fools,” said resident Robert Freeman. “They make things bad for everybody because of their stupidity.”

Freeman, 24, said he didn’t go to the carnival because “things like this often happen, and not just in Taylor.”

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