Puppy stolen from LP yard; 2 Clare residents arrested

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK – A German shepherd puppy reportedly stolen from a backyard is back with its family, and a woman and her grandson, both of Clare, are charged with larceny.

A 25-year-old woman called police about 10:30 April 15, saying that a woman selling flowers at the corner of Southfield Road and River Drive just stole one of her German shepherd puppies from her backyard. She said the woman was joined by another man in the theft.

The victim told police she watched from her upstairs window as a man dumped dog food over the fence into the yard, to lure the puppy’s mother away. The woman then coaxed the puppies under the fence with food. Once all four puppies were on the other side of the fence, the woman reportedly handed them to the man, who was by then sitting in a dark vehicle.

The woman handed him one of the puppies and the victim then yelled for the pair to put the puppies back. The man then reportedly yelled back, “Go back to your own country until you get a green card.”

The man then allegedly fled with one of the puppies and the woman put the other puppies back into the yard before continuing to go back to selling flowers.

The victim captured part of the event on video and gave it to police. It reportedly showed the woman coaxing the puppies from underneath the fence.

After viewing the video, police spoke with the female suspect. She reportedly told them that one of the puppies got out from the fence and walked up to her and she put it back under the fence of the yard it came from. She said she and her juvenile grandson were selling flowers. The suspect told police she didn’t take any puppies.

After talking to the victim and the suspect, police arrested the female suspect and took her juvenile grandson with them. The child was later released to his mother.

Police said, while in booking, the woman called her grandson who turned the puppy over to her daughter, but would not come into the police station.

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