Dearborn councilman, mother harassed, attacked at funeral

Michael Sareini

Michael Sareini

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Dearborn Councilman Michael Sareini said he and his 66-year-old mother — former Councilwoman Suzanne Sareini — were attacked while they attended the funeral of former Fordson High School Principal Imad Fadlallah March 13.

In a statement posted on Facebook Sareini said, “my family and I were verbally harassed and physically attacked by two disgruntled men. During the incident, my mother, an elderly and retired public servant to City of Dearborn for 24 years, was physically assaulted. I was punched in the face.”

The attack took place inside the Islamic Institute of Knowledge, 6345 Schaefer Road, about 7:15 p.m. when two men shoved Michael Sareini. He then found his mother and wife, to leave the funeral, but the two men found their vehicle near the main entrance.

2000 photo Suzanne Sareini

2000 photo
Suzanne Sareini

Suzanne Sareini was hit by a water bottle thrown at the vehicle’s passenger side window.

The two men, who are brothers and businessmen, are not strangers to Michael Sareini. He said the two were not happy about the city’s procedures.

“I will not be pushed around or bullied in attempts to bend the law for anyone or anything,” he said in his statement. “Personal favors are not the way I do city business. I respect and cherish the responsibility of the office that I serve and will continue to uphold the policies and procedures that are in place to protect our city.”

Michael Sareini also said that the allegation made by the two men that he was carrying a weapon at the funeral is not true.

Dearborn police are investigating the incident and have retrieved security footage as evidence.

“The attack on me and my family are not a way positive way to resolve any issues the men have,” he said. “I plan to prosecute for the fullest extent of the law.”

The two men were not identified because charges have not been formally announced.

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