Local entrepreneur makes natural products

Photo courtesy of Mary Jo Kosloskey Mary Jo Kosloskey’s MoJo All Natural line is ready to be a pampering gift.

Photo courtesy of Mary Jo Kosloskey
Mary Jo Kosloskey’s MoJo All Natural line is ready to be a pampering gift.

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — At 6 feet tall, Mary Jo Kosloskey is accustomed to towering over most people — but soon, she may be towering over competition.

After her mother’s passing, Kosloskey completed massage therapy certification, then added three levels of Reiki — a Japanese healing art — to it. She offered massage at a chiropractor’s office and as a mobile service.

“In 2012, I met someone who made his own colloidal silver,” Kosloskey said. “I knew about it and all the benefits, but of course it isn’t cheap, so he taught me how to make my own. My Reiki friends were excited about it, so I began selling it to them.”

Colloidal silver is known for combating over 800 types of bacteria. Before the advent of penicillin, silver was a standard antibiotic. As penicillin gave way to a plethora of antibiotics, colloidal silver has improved with better filtration and purity levels.

“It’s amazing what I’ve seen the colloidal silver do,” Kosloskey said. “A friend of mine had a horrible sore on his leg. His doctor felt they would have to perform surgery, to dig out so much bad tissue surrounding the wound.

“The evening before his appointment, the area around the wound was turning black, but he absolutely didn’t want to go in, and get a different doctor on the case, before the appointment.

“I saturated some gauze with the colloidal silver and his wife wrapped elastic bandage around it. I told him, he should go to the hospital — none of what I do is instead of going to the doctor. I’m all about finding natural or alternative solutions to chemicals or medications with heavy side effects, but a person needs to keep their health checked. Try an alternative — but get the bloodwork done at the doctor to be certain the remedy is working.”

Her friend went his appointment next day, and, Kosloskey said, the doctor was quite surprised to see the blackness completely gone, surgery postponed then, ultimately, cancelled.

“I’ve been making the colloidal silver for people since 2013, and always wanted to get into other things,” Kosloskey said. “Naturopath, alternative healing — they really piqued my interest.”

When attending a baby shower, one of the favors was a homemade sugar scrub.

“I really liked it,” Kosloskey said. “And I noticed a difference in my skin.”

Once she ran out, she asked for the recipe.

“I took that and looked up other recipes to see if there was anything I wanted to do differently,” Kosloskey said. “I’d been going a more natural route with my shampoo, soaps and detergents, so I didn’t find the sugar scrub recipes intimidating. They were something I could do.”

Coupling advice from an esthetician with what she’d learned on her own, Kosloskey created a honey almond scrub.

“I have a friend who loves to garden, but is allergic to the sun,” Kosloskey said. “Her skin would suffer so much from exposure. She tried the scrub on her arm and said it immediately took the itching away, and even smoothed the area. She wanted more.

“It really opened my eyes. I looked into the possibilities more. What could I make that could help with eczema and even day-to-day skin issues?”

Since then, she’s added a honey-clay beauty mask, lotion, body butter, toner and, very recently, bath melts and bombs to her repertoire.

In September, Lucy’s Beauty Boutique, at 6831 Allen Road in Allen Park, began selling her products.

Quality is of the utmost importance, Kosloskey said.

“I’m really particular if my name is associated,” she said. “If I’m giving it to someone, I want to make sure it’s quality.

“So, I filter my water with a zero filter and measure it. When I say it’s 11 parts per million of silver, that is what’s in there. I squeeze the lemons. Grate the zest and almonds myself. I don’t put anything in unless there’s a good reason for it.”

When it comes to ingredients, Kosloskey points to her favorites.

“Coconut oil and honey in some form,” Kosloskey said. “Raw, natural or royal jelly. I try to get coconut and honey in most everything I make. They have so many benefits to them. Really, our skin absorbs — so much better to have it absorbing this, than chemicals. And all my products are Reiki-infused.

“A lot of people, including myself, are sensitive. Any scent in my products — bath bombs and melts aside — are strictly from the ingredients.

“I can customize products, too. Some like lavender flowers added, for instance. But then, I also have men who use the lotion partly because it has no scent.”

The final cost to the consumer is a threshold Kosloskey aims to keep low.

“The natural products can be so outrageously priced,” she said. “I want them to be accessible to everyone, so my products are generally less than $10 a bottle.”

Keeping costs down means foregoing a marketing firm. But perhaps the best marketing is Kosloskey, herself. She uses her products daily, making her clear, bright complexion and eyes a walking billboard for MoJo’s All Natural line.

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