Riverview realignment dead for now, may see future consideration

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – After drawing fire from parents, the Riverview Community Schools Board of Education dropped a bid for grade level realignment.

Supt. Russell Pickell thanked the teachers, administrators and district staff who worked to identify performance trends in the district and investigate alternative solutions along with potential improvements for elementary instruction.

In previous months, many parents protested the realignment.

“Following the community forums, realignment committee members and administrators have determined that, while it may be possible to pull together a feasible alignment plan by April, the time allotted for reporting, recommending, planning and implementing any large-scale change for the next school year would not result in a smooth transaction,” Pickell said in a letter to staff and parents, “nor a document that is critical for the next phrase of discussion that would meet the level of detail and completeness that the board and community deem necessary to warrant such a decision.”

Pickell said elementary level test scores have fallen. He said that is unacceptable to the board and administration. He further said it should be unacceptable to all residents and stakeholders.

“Declining scores can be addressed in a number of ways,” Pickell wrote.

He said the public has asked the board and administration to look at alternatives, either in addition to realignment or instead of it, thus giving the board opportunities to further explore options to increase test scores.

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