Riverview schools realignment team to unveils findings at forums

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW — After a year of speculation over Riverview Community Schools’ interest in investigating elementary school realignment, residents will finally have a chance this week to hear what the visitation team has learned.

Presentations, which are open to the public, are scheduled for:

• Feb. 6, 6 p.m. at Memorial Elementary, 13425 Colvin.
• Feb. 7, 6 p.m. at Huntington Elementary, 17752 Kennebec.
• Feb. 9, 6 p.m. at Forest Elementary, 19400 Hampton.

Originally conceived as a grouping of staff, administration and community members, the visitation team moved forth with only faculty members on board. The purpose of the team was to visit school districts that have implemented grade realignment, and explore the benefits and hindrances those districts have encountered.

Riverview elementary teachers were presented with the team’s findings on Jan. 16. Supt. Richard Pickell said the teachers’ concerns received as feedback from that meeting will be included in the community forum.

“The visitation team will present the pros and cons of what they’ve seen,” Pickell said. “We’ll talk about some of the reasons why we’re looking into (grade realignment). It’s going to be nice to get some of the true information out there and dispel some of the misinformation that’s been passed around.”

The presentation is slated to take about 30 minutes to complete, at which time the forum will be open to receive feedback from the community.