Water authority says Downriver water is safe

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Residents complain of odor, pet deaths from consumption

Sunday Times Newspapers

Despite an odor in the water, the Great Lakes Water Authority said the water is safe for drinking Downriver.

The announcement, coming in the wake of several Downriver residents complaining of the odor and taste, was made by GLWA Chief Operating Officer Cheryl Porter said.

“In regard to the concerns about water quality in a number of Downriver communities, the Authority has conducted extensive testing of its water at its Southwest Treatment Plant and in locations where odor is being detected,” Porter said. “Tests confirm that all regulatory water quality standards are being achieved, and that the water is safe.

“At this time, we are working with our local community partners to continue to assure water of unquestionable quality, and have put into operation at our treatment plant our activated carbon system, which will assist with the taste and odor issues. We expect the taste and odor issues to be resolved within the next 12 hours. In the meantime, we continue to expand testing to determine factors that might contribute to the detected odors.”

Riverview officials announced that despite the water treatment, “it will take some time for the water in our water mains (which has not been treated) to run its course. For the near future, you may still experience the odor and taste until that happens.”

Yet, some residents in Lincoln Park said the water contributed to their animals’ illness or death. A representative from Dix Animal Hospital said Sunday that they have not seen any animals come in due to illness from drinking the water.

“Just to be on the safe side, I’m giving my pet bottled water,” Lincoln Park resident Julie Collins said.

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