Reporting a pothole or other road issue in Dearborn

DEARBORN — The Department of Public Works oversees the maintenance of nearly 300 miles of roads within city limits. This includes snow plowing, filling in potholes, and other necessary repairs.

A number of roads within the city are maintained by Wayne County, including:

• Outer Drive
• Rotunda Drive
• Evergreen Road
• Greenfield Road
• Warren Avenue
• Dix Avenue
• Butler Road
• Oakwood from Michigan to Southfield Freeway
• Pelham from Rotunda to Outer Drive
• Hubbard drive from Evergreen to Mercury Drive
• Mercury Drive from Hubbard to Ford Road
• Tireman from Greenfield to Miller
• Miller Road from Warren to south city limits
• Oakman from Michigan Avenue to Miller
• Wyoming from Tireman to Lapeer
• Ferney from Dix to Wyoming

State roads running through Dearborn include freeways with M, I, or US designations — such as Michigan Avenue (US-12) and the Southfield Freeway (M-39). Telegraph Road (US-24) is a state road, but is maintained by Wayne County within county borders.

To report an issue with a road, such as a pothole, use the following resources:

• For city roads, call the Highways Division of DPW at 313-943-2107.

• For county roads, call the Wayne County Department of Public Services at 734-955-9920.

• For state roads, potholes can be reported online on the Michigan Department of Transportation website.