Police Blotter for January 1st


Drunken hit-and-run suspect curses victim before leaving

A woman who ran a red light and smelled of intoxicants yelled and cursed at the man whose vehicle she hit at 7:29 p.m. Dec. 9 before fleeing the scene at Southfield Road and Pinecrest.

The woman was described as black, 40 to 50 years old, 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 5 inches tall, 170 to 200 pounds, with short black hair and wearing glasses.

While the woman was out of her car yelling at the man whose car she hit, a young man, believed to be her son, got out of her car, attempted to calm her down, and apologized to the victim. After 3 to 5 minutes, the woman reportedly calmed down enough to leave the scene. Witnesses photographed her license plate before she drove away.


Man arrested for driving against traffic while intoxicated

While on patrol in the area of Michigan Avenue and Bailey police observed a man driving his vehicle east in the westbound lanes Dec. 17.

Officers conducted a traffic stop about 4 a.m. and spoke to the driver of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala who had bloodshot eyes. The driver said he picked up his girlfriend from a friend’s house and then drove to a nearby gas station. According to the report, his girlfriend was sitting in the passenger seat and also appeared highly intoxicated.

Police attempted to wake up the woman several times before paramedics transported her to Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn.

Field sobriety tests were conducted and the driver’s blood alcohol level was 0.12 at the scene. In Michigan, the legal limit for drunken driving is 0.08. He was arrested for operating while intoxicated and placed under a $200 bond.

Traffic stop leads to marijuana possession arrest

Police were patrolling the area of Greenfield and Ford Road when they noticed a man driving a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix with an expired license plate Dec. 22.

A background check of the driver revealed that he had a warrant for his arrest for marijuana possession from the Wayne County Circuit Court.

He was cited for no registration and arrested for the warrant.


Woman finds garage door damaged

A woman called police to her house in the 26300 block of Timber Trail Drive Dec. 3 after she found her garage door kicked in.

She told police she left her house and arrived back just before 2:30 p.m. when she observed the damage to her garage door. The entry door is attached to her house, but after a search inside there was nothing missing.

Security video footage from the house was given to officers for further investigation.

There is no suspect information.

Woman steals items valued at $600 from Walgreens

Police responded to Walgreens, 25700 Ford Road, Dec. 17 on a shoplifting report.

Once at the store, a manager informed officers that the woman entered the store about 1 a.m. and shopped for items. She placed the merchandise into an empty bag and when the manager asked if she needed help the woman fled. The manager told officers that the woman left the store with $600 in items in a gray or silver minivan north on Beech Daly.

Security video from the store was sent to the Dearborn Heights Police Department for investigation.


Mind your hands

A woman was arrested at Mel Plaza Motel, 18919 Dix Ave., about 3:45 a.m. Dec. 23, for violation of the Controlled Substance Act and transported to the Melvindale Police Department.

By 4:10 a.m., the woman in custody became uncooperative, refusing to listen to any verbal commands issued by the officers. Dearborn firefighters were dispatched at 4:40 a.m. for the woman’s committal. Once a firefighter was on the scene with an officer, attempting to strap the woman to a stretcher, the woman became more combative. As restraints were placed, the woman snapped her jaws precariously near both the officer’s and firefighter’s hands, attempting to bite any hand that dared come near.

Once restrained, the woman was transported to Beaumont Hospital – Dearborn without further incident.

A case of being thorough

A man living on Wall Street reported his vehicle was damaged at a friend’s home in the 2700 block of Margaret Street. The man told police that a loud, crashing noise alerted him to something going on. When he looked outside, the man saw two people near his vehicle. The man dashed outside and gave chase, but couldn’t get close enough to the people to determine their identity, nor their getaway vehicle on an adjoining street.

Police observed extensive damage to the man’s vehicle. Bits of glass peppered the street. The rear and rear driver’s side windows were broken out. Further, the windshield and front driver side window were damaged with a blunt object. The vandalism did not cease at broken glass, as all four tires were flattened and the vehicle’s exterior was dosed with black spray paint. A can of black spray paint was recovered in an alley west of Dix, south of Margaret. The can was tagged and placed into evidence.

The Federal Bureau of Impersonation

At a grocery store on Oakwood Boulevard a few weeks ago, a customer befriended an employee. The customer, described as a middle aged, Arabic man — possibly from Yemen — returned to the store and approached his newfound friend who was working at the time.

Phone numbers already exchanged, the man revealed more of his backstory to the employee, namely, his status as an informant for the FBI. The man insisted the owner of the shop needed to pay him an amount no less than $6,100, in cash, or he would prosecute the owner.

The employee continued talking with the man outside, as the man’s small Ford car was parked in a business parking lot next door.

Upon hearing of the plot against him, the owner exited the store, in the hopes of confronting the self-proclaimed informant. By the time the owner reached the parking lot, however, the man had left and has not been seen nor heard from since.

(Compiled by Zeinab Najm, Angela Nims and Sue Suchyta.)