Sentencing handed down for man in chase, killed passenger

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — Eric Lamont-Allen Turnipseed will turn 34 in prison Dec. 21 after being sentenced Wednesday to 8 to 15 years in connection with a Sept. 20 crash where he tried to outrun Wyandotte police before flipping his car in the city, killing his passenger.

Turnipseed, of Detroit, pled guilty Nov. 30, to first-degree fleeing a police officer and operating under the influence causing death. He was sentenced to 8 to 15 years concurrently for each charge with 86 days credit served.

The charges of second-degree homicide; reckless driving causing death; and operating on a suspended, revoked or denied license causing death were dismissed.

Joshua Thomas Nance, 29, of Lincoln Park was killed in the crash.

Driving Nance’s 1995 GMC Suburban, Turnipseed tried to outrun Wyandotte police Sept. 20 and into Lincoln Park, where police said he drove onto a sidewalk, over a stop sign, flipped the vehicle and slid just shy of colliding with Dix Coney Island and caught fire.

Wyandotte police attempted to stop Turnipseed near Ford and Fort about 8:30 p.m. Sept. 20, after he rolled through a red light. Wyandotte Police Chief Dan Grant said officers attempted to stop the driver, later identified as Turnipseed. He said the driver sped away and ran another red light while police were pursuing him.

Turnipseed sped north on Fort Street. Police reportedly were able to briefly stop the vehicle, by pushing their bumper into the side of the SUV. The driver got free, however, and sped away, reaching speeds of about 80 mph.

After the crash, Wyandotte police got Turnipseed out of the car and Lincoln Park police extinguished the fire. A Southgate officer also responded to the crash site.

Grant does not believe officers did anything wrong in the chase. He said police consider many factors when ensuing a chase, such as traffic and weather.

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