Alleged dog killer set for jury trial

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON – The man charged with killing three of his ex-girlfriend’s dogs has hired an attorney and is set for a jury trial on March 1.

Resident Allen Lee Bonds, who is out of jail on a $120,000, 10 percent bond, recently hired David Steingold as his attorney. Bonds’ trial date was set last week. He is set for a final conference on Jan. 26, where a deal could be reached. Yet, if not, Bonds will head to trial as expected.

Bonds, 21, is charged with second-degree home invasion, two counts of killing or torturing animals, one count of animal cruelty to two or three animals and a fifth count of cruelty resulting in an animal’s death.

Bonds was first arraigned Sept. 21 in 33rd District Court before Judge Michael McNally. He was bound over to Wayne County Circuit Court for trial Oct. 21. The same day, his bond was reduced from $250,000 to $120,000 and he bonded out the same day.

Bonds, a Trenton High School graduate was attending Ferris State University pursuing a degree in law enforcement.

According to Trenton police, who began the investigation in December 2014, the dogs’ deaths started in July 2014. Bonds’ ex-girlfriend went to police in December 2014 after three dogs had died suspiciously in separate incidents.

Investigators report the then-girlfriend and her mother left two Yorkshires in Bonds’ care while they were away at a concert in July. They returned hours later to find one of the dogs dead and the other in a closet acting timid. The second dog died about two weeks later.

In August 2014, the former girlfriend reported checking on her new dog before leaving for work. The dog was fine and allegedly with Bonds in a bedroom. She left the room and a short time later Bonds called her in the room and the dog was dead. Veterinarian records suggest the dog’s neck was snapped.

In December 2014 the woman found another dog, McGee, with a bloody nose. Several days later, McGee was let outside into the backyard and appeared healthy. When the woman and her mother returned to their house, McGee was lying in the backyard and lethargic and ill.

The pair took the dog to the vet, where he was treated for multiple injuries. The veterinarian reportedly said the dog suffered injuries from blunt force trauma.

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