Dearborn Education Foundation executive director resigns

Photo courtesy of Eddie Fakhoury. Eddie Fakhoury

Photo courtesy of Eddie Fakhoury. Eddie Fakhoury

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DEARBORN — After seven years as executive director for the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation, Eddie Fakhoury resigned from his position effective Jan. 1.

He has decided to spend more time focusing on his family and current position as Wayne County Department of Health director and health officer.

“This is the right time,” he said. “We are in our best financial position in years and I am happy with the progress me and the board have made.”

Fakhoury turned in his resignation in November, but the board asked him to stay until February to help with already-planned events.

Just like the search for the first executive director, the search for someone to succeed Fakhoury will start with a search committee organized by the board.

The search for the next executive director will again be selected by a search committee organized by the board.

He joined the board in 2007 as a member when a friend told him about the open seat and then applied for the director position after it was created in 2009.

“My passion for business of eduction and having four children in the Dearborn Public Schools system were the biggest reasons why I pursed the position,” Fakhoury said. “I wanted the opportunity to make a difference.”

The board decided to create the executive director position during a strategic planing meeting because there was great potential for the foundation.

“A committee of seven people was formed and 31 candidates went through four rounds of interviews,” Fakhoury said. “I was unanimously selected for the position.”

During his seven years as executive director, Fakhoury built infrastructure, designed a brand identity, cultivated partnerships, and generated new funding.

Some of his accomplishments include securing over $200,000 in grant revenue in both private and corporate arenas since 2014, creating over six new scholarship funds for students and increasing overall revenues by more than 50 percent.

“My favorite part during my time was being able to build things, build the organization,” Fakhoury said. “I loved being in a position where I could make a positive impact on children and teachers within the school district.”

Before his time comes to an end, Fakhoury’s final act with the foundation was setting up the Eddie and Maha Fakhoury scholarship fund.

Donations and funds will go “directly to impact a local family and their high achieving fifth-grader,” at Henry Ford Elementary School, according to the scholarship’s description.

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