Melvindale, Ecorse police arrest break-in suspects, recover property

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – Melvindale and Ecorse police officers worked quickly the morning of Oct. 12 to capture armed home invasion and robbery suspects who impersonated police and assaulted their victims.

Because of an ongoing investigation, police have withheld some details, but said quick cooperation with Ecorse allowed the suspects to be apprehended while still in possession of the stolen property.

Three Melvindale men entered the police department at 4:20 a.m. Oct. 12 bleeding from head wounds after being pistol-whipped by armed robbers who pounded on the door, claiming to be police, then kicked in the door and robbed them.

Cell phones, a handgun and thousands of dollars worth of property were stolen.

Melvindale Police Officer Allen Lash, who had knowledge of the parties involved, connected the robbery to a recent event he heard on the Ecorse police radio system.

Based on the information from Lash, Ecorse Police Officer Ryan Allen was able to locate and detain the three suspects, and was able to preserve evidence from the robbery in the suspects’ possession connected to the home invasion.

Officers also found a stolen handgun during a vehicle search.

Melvindale Police Lt. Don Meador said the three suspects taken into custody were charged with multiple felonies, and thousands of dollars in stolen property were recovered.

“Lash and Allen took it upon themselves to communicate information back and forth that resulted in three very dangerous individuals being taken off the street,” Meador said. “I commend these officers for their work on this case.”

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