State omission prompts additional contact with overseas, military voters

DEARBORN – Electronic absentee ballots prepared by the Michigan Bureau of Elections for overseas and military voters neglected to include the candidates for the 19th District Court judge.

The error was resolved when the City Clerk’s Office alerted the state to the omission.

About 160 electronic absentee ballots were affected. The state updated the ballots after being notified by the Clerk’s Office.

The Clerk’s Office made appropriate contact with the affected voters, presenting them with an opportunity to replace their original absentee ballots with complete ones.

Deputy City Clerk Lola Isiminger said a secure process is in place to ensure only one ballot will be counted by the overseas or military voters who have requested an absentee ballot.

The state Bureau of Elections had no explanation for the omission on the electronic absentee ballots, Isiminger said. The Clerk’s Office does not have the opportunity to proofread the electronic ballots before sending them to overseas or military absentee voters.

Paper ballots for absentee voters were not affected by the state’s omission.